Journeys end in clearing confusion

Journeys end in clearing confusion

Journeys end in clearing confusion

Kannada (U/A) ¬¬
Director: Mahesh Babu
Cast: Chiranjeevi Sarja, Nikki and others

Boy flips for girl at the bus stop so much so that he skips his job interview in her pursuit.

Soon, he grabs the chance to drop her to Hyderabad along with her “uncle”.

Things take a turn when at a petrol filling station, the girl urges him to leave the man behind and scoot!

Is it the boy’s luck or is there something else in store for the two of them?

Chiranjeevi Sarja as Ajith seems to have borrowed a few points from his earlier Chirru; his girth and hairstyle do not lend themselves much to the carefree, happy-go-lucky persona he’s supposed to show.

The actors who play his friends show better pluck with director Mahesh Babu keeping the dialogues quite clean.

Nikki Galrani gets a much better debut than her sister Sanjana and can go places with a little more effort.

Ajith really perks up with the first fight and thereafter it's a smooth ride till about the climax. Kudos to both Raviverma and Venkatesh for the well thought out details in action choreography.

The same can’t be said of some slip ups the screenplay is infested with — like “Telugu” rowdies mostly speaking in Tamil.

Harikrishna’s background score adds zing while Loganathan’s camerawork, the lighting and colouring are all commendable. Vinod Manohar’s editing too is spot on.

Yuvan Shankar Raja brings all his tunes, and lyrics, of Linguswamy’s Paiyya, peppering the score with traditional percussion instruments.

However, a loose thought refuses to go away throughout the film and long after people have left the hall: Would a dubbed Paiyya have saved all the expenses in making this film?

Of course, watching suave and earnest Karthi contorting his mouth while someone else’s voice is saying something else would be a little squirm-weird.