In memory of Polo..

In memory of Polo..

In memory of Polo..

 Asia’s only gorilla, Polo is no more. But to make his presence felt in the Mysore Zoo, which housed the primate for several years, an artiste from the city has created a 3D image of the gorilla, close to his enclosure.

Polo, who was six feet tall, was well behaved and could understand two languages. It was born in 1972, and was received from Dublin Zoo, Ireland, on August 8, 1995. He was living a solitary life ever since he landed in Mysore Zoo, and died on April 27, 2014.

City based artiste Anil Kumar Bhogashetty, who appraoched the Zoo following Polo’s death, said that he wanted to create an image of the gorilla, so that first time visitors could learn about him, and as a token of remembrance to those who had known him.

“My intention was to make his presence felt in the Zoo, and when I approached the authorities, they readily granted me permission to go ahead with the idea,” he added.

Anil who took two days to create the huge 3D image using paint, said that the image looked best when viewed through a camera. He also expressed that he wanted to paint a permanent image of the primate using oil paint. “If I am given permission, I will create a permanent image,” he added.

The painting is being well accepted by the visitors at the Zoo. “The Zoo has lost a prized possession. This image will help people remember him,” said Kurian, a visitor.

New Rhinos

Meanwhile, Mysore Zoo officials are all set to welcome a pair of Great Indian Rhinos from Assam. According to sources, all formalities required to transport the animals from Assam, had been fulfilled. The Rhinos are expected to reach Mysore in a couple of weeks.