Nuptial list: Flowers, church, liposuction

Nuptial list: Flowers, church, liposuction

Treatments and procedures under consideration ahead of the big day range from botox through to breast augmentation, cosmetic surgery advice website www. said.

“A wedding is the single most important day in plenty of men and women’s lives and a large number want everything to be perfect, including their appearance,”said
goodsurgeonguide. co-founder Christiana Clogg.

The website, which says it is Britain’s only review and recommendation site for cosmetic practitioners and clinics, asked 512 engaged women and 509 grooms-to-be whether they are considering having a cosmetic treatment prior to their wedding day.

It found that 58 percent of the women and over 1 in 3 of the men were considering cosmetic treatment. The results also showed that 11 percent of the women and nine percent of the men who took part in the research had already had some work done.

Common reasons

The most common reason for women wanting to have surgery before their wedding day was to look good in their photos, with 64 per cent claiming it would make them feel better about themselves.

Men were more concerned about pleasing their partner, with 3 in 5 saying they would consider surgery to be more appealing to their other half.

In a multi-answer question, the website asked them which procedures appealed to them most.

The most popular considered by women were Botox - 68 per cent, Teeth Whitening
- 62 per cent, Liposuction - 55 per cent, Breast Augmentation - 47 per cent and Face plumpers - 43 per cent.

The 78 per cent men went for Veneers, 62 per cent for Botox, 41 per cent for Hair Plugs, 33 per cent for Liposuction and 25 per cent for Chest Reduction.