For these students art is a way of life

For these students art is a way of life

How does it feel when the world recognises your talent? It makes you feel important and on top of the world.

And students of Delhi College of Art (DCA) who are exhibiting their artworks at the ongoing 12th annual exhibition at Lalit Kala Akademi, are feeling the same.

Their hard work and effort shines through their inspiring paintings and the 120-odd students of DCA were thrilled to get such a big platform.

The students, from Ist, IInd, IIIrd and final year, have put on display their artworks which are an interesting mix of themes that represent their thought process and their individual backgrounds.

An interesting fact about this exhibition is that it appeals to the artistic sensibilities of all – from art connoisseur to visitors to investors.

Talking to Metrolife Sangeeta Priyam, a teacher at DCA, said, “It feels really good to see our students grow. From teaching them to draw the basic things to having their own exhibition, these students have surely come a long way.”

“The best part about learning art is that it has no age bar. We have students who are as young as 20 and we also have students who are senior citizens. So, it is a great feeling to see all of them showing their work together on one platform,”  she added.

One of the students, Sakshi Arora who has put up two paintings at the ongoing exhibition, said, “One of my paintings has a blind girl with a bird sitting on one of her hands.

And the girl is feeling all the colours with the help of the colourful bird. My other painting is inspired by my father and the things he loves the most. I made this painting as gift for him on his birthday.”

The painting has a bottle of cold drink, a gadget, cashew nuts, a TV set and a king’s throne.

The exhibition showcases nearly 300 paintings by the students of the college.

These are also on sale and the proceeds from the sale will directly go to the students and not to the college.

Another student, Bhuwaneshwari Upadhya, is a big fan of artist Subodh Gupta, spoke animatedly about her paintings, one of which is a portrait of the famous Hollywood star Tom Cruise.

“I wanted to make a different portrait and not the regular ones. So, that is why I chose Tom Cruise as he is my favourite actor. Along with that, I have also added cracked walls which is giving that old era feeling along with few green leaves which is giving life to my painting. My other painting is inspired by Venice and its beauty.”