Arrogant Approach wins feature

Arrogant Approach wins feature

Bangalore results

Arrogant Approach, trained by SS Attaollahi and ridden by I Chisty, galloped to victory in the 1400-metre Speaker’s Cup, the feature event of the races which were held here at the Bangalore Turf Club on Saturday.

1. Glorious Colours Plate 1200M: Rustic Sunrise (Mr N Chandrashekar Rai rep MR Stud Farms Private Limited) TS Jodha 1; Allez Royale (Trevor Patel) 2; Rapid Advance (Vivek) 3; Fair Game (V Chandrakant) 4; WB: 6, 9L, Nk; T: 1:13.81; Tote: Rs 14w, Rs 11, Rs 11, Rs 18p; TB: B Puttanna; Fav: Rustic Sunrise; Fc: Rs 25; Q: Rs 14; SHP: Rs 18; Tri: Rs 48 and Rs 48; Exp: Rs 2,665 and Rs 2,284.

2. Malakpet Plate 1400M: Kimora (M/s Benly Abraham and Chitturi Krishna Kannaiah’s) Harish B 1; Buzzword (S Asgar) 2; White Snowdrops (K Raja Rao) 3; Attitude Xtreme (AR Pradeep) 4; Not run: Just In; WB: 1, 3/4L, Nse; T: 1:30.03; Tote: Rs 28w, Rs 14, Rs 78, Rs 38p; TB: Prasanna Kumar; Fav: Kimora; Fc: Rs 1,437; Q: Rs 1,002; SHP: Rs 417; Tri: Rs 22,219 (c/o); Exp: Rs 99,763 (c/o).

3. Kunigal Stud Plate (Div II) 1200M: Vijay Viraaj (M/S Vijay Racing and Farms Private Limited rep by M/S Vijay Kumar Gupta and Susheel Kumar Gupta and Mr Ahmed Alam Khan) PS Chouhan 1; Topspot (K Anil) 2; Red Red Rose (TS Jodha) 3; Whistlejacket (M Mark) 4; WB: 1-3/4, 1-3/4, 3L; T: 1:13.66; Tote: Rs 13w, Rs 10, Rs 15, Rs 13; TB: LVR Deshmukh; Fav: Vijay Viraaj; Fc: Rs 82; Q: Rs 49; SHP: Rs 31; Tri: Rs 52 and Rs 18; Exp: Rs 1,580 and Rs 1,771.

4. Mamma’s Mink Plate 1600M: Priceless Ace (Dr Cyrus S Poonawalla, Mr Adar C Poonawalla and Mrs Natasha A Poonawalla rep Villoo Poonawalla Rac and Br P Ltd's) K Appu 1; Stimulate (S John) 2; Hidden Hero (Kiran Rai) 3; Artic Attraction (PS Chouhan) 4; WB: Shd, 3, 3L; T: 1:38.13; Tote: Rs 93w, Rs 29, Rs 14, Rs 16; TB: S Padmanabhan; Fav: Stimulate; Fc: Rs 179; Q: Rs 120; SHP: Rs 37; Tri: Rs 1,425 and Rs 610; Exp: Rs 1,477 and Rs 490.

5. Speaker’s Cup 1400M: Arrogant Approach (M/s AV Jayaprakash, PS Ranganathan and TS Suresh) I Chisty 1; Invincible Prince (SG Prasad) 2; Ambitious Reward (S Narredu) 3; Diamonite (Anjar Alam) 4; WB: 3, 1-1/4, 3/4L; T: 1:25.40; Tote: Rs 68w, Rs 15, Rs 25, Rs 11; TB: SS Attaollahi; Fav: Ambitious Reward; Fc: Rs 441; Q: Rs 203; SHP: Rs 66; Tri: Rs 952 and Rs 266; Exp: Rs 17,251 and Rs 18,483.

6. Kunigal Stud Plate (Div I) 1200M: Cornwallis (Dr and Mrs Vijay Mallya rep The United Racing and Bloodstock Breeders Limited) Trevor Patel 1; Wings Of Fortune (SK Paswan) 2; Bold Nature (Indrajeet Singh) 3; Loveofmylife (Y Narredu) 4; Not run: Cardigan Bay and Emperor Cruise; WB: 2-3/4, 1-1/4, 1/2L; T: 1:14.36; Tote: Rs 19w, Rs 10, Rs 20, Rs 25; TB: Shehzad Abbas; Fav: Loveofmylife; Fc: Rs 164; Q: Rs 60; SHP: Rs 109; Tri: Rs 234 and Rs 125; Exp: Rs 793 and Rs 214.

7. Smart Chieftan Trophy 1100M: Supreme Fairy (Vijay Racing and Farms Pvt Ltd rep by M/s Vijay Kumar Gupta and Susheel Kumar Gupta and Mr Ahmed Alam Khan) PS Chouhan 1; Air Dancer (Trevor Patel) 2; Sakchi (I Chisty) 3; Glittering (TS Jodha) 4; WB: 1-3/4, Snk, 1-2L; T: 1:09.19; Tote: Rs 14p, Rs 11, Rs 18, Rs 20; TB: LVR Deshmukh; Fav: Supreme Fairy; Fc: Rs 60; Q: Rs 57; SHP: Rs 41; Tri: Rs 112 and Rs 103.

8. Holding Court Plate 1400M: Rulers Secret (Mr N Chandrashekar Rai rep MR Stud Farms Private Limited) I Chisty 1; Santa Ana (YS Srinath) 2; Big Ticket (S John) 3; Trust Me Boy (Ashok Kumar) 4; WB: 1, 1-1/2, 4L; T: 1:28.07; Tote: Rs 21w, Rs 12, Rs 15, Rs 16p; TB: RR Byramji; Fav: Rulers Secret; Fc: Rs 65; Q: Rs 81; SHP: Rs 43; Tri: Rs 156 and Rs 100; Exp: Rs 3,294 and Rs 4,059.

Jackpot winner: Rs 3,008 (145); Runner-up: Rs 484 (386). I Treble: Rs 790 (24); II Treble: Rs 145 (579). Tri: Rs 22,219 (c/o); Exp pool: Rs 99,763 (c/o).