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'Sole'ful designs

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'Sole'ful designs

A high top pair for men.

The kind of canvas shoe one wears say a lot about one’s personality, so why stick to the plain old whites, blues, browns and blacks? And if one is tired of the branded pairs on the shelf, then Anushka suggests that it’s time to tweak them up to one’s own personalised outlines. For example, if one is a big Metallica fan, go ahead and tell the world about it by getting them painted on your shoes. “But make sure it says a lot about your personality because at the end of the day it’s your own unique pair,” says Anushka, who designs personalised canvas shoes.

Though many canvas shoes these days are unisex in terms of style, Anushka says that there are few that can be classified solely for men and women. “The women’s shoes are more feminine with glitters, sequences and soft colours like pinks, greens and blues. One can go for the cute things on the shoe like tiny sheeps, elephants, or flowers,” she says. “The men, on the other hand, are more loud preferring painting of their favourite bands or cartoons,” she adds.

Anushka explains that there are mainly three variants of the shoe and teaming them up with the right kind of clothes can bring out the look of the shoe. The first type of shoe is called the ‘basics’, “This is your regular length shoes where the neck of the pair falls just below the ankles. Teaming it up with jeans will be a good option,” she says. The ‘ankle high’ variety, like its name, is only till the ankle of the leg. “This shoe is perfect and an apt choice for those who love to wear three-fourth pants,” she adds. ‘High tops’, which go above the ankles are great when teamed up with skirts, suggests Anushka.

Anushka describes a pair of canvas shoes as the best companion for life depending on the comfort level. “Picking the right kind of shoe and the fit is extremely important. And always keep the comfort level as your priority, and then the style,” she says. “There is definitely a canvas shoe for every occasion,” she adds. What’s really nice is that most of the shoes are waterproof, “But I suggest you don’t jump in a puddle to see if the colour will run or take an old toothbrush to scrub them till the paint or glitter comes off,” she adds.

So pick a casual pair for the day and spend hours loafing around the City and those who want to have a night out can always pick out a pair with
glitter on them.