English version of 'Vedanta Prabodha' released

English version of 'Vedanta Prabodha' released

English version of 'Vedanta Prabodha' released

Governor H R Bhardwaj released the English version of the Sanskrit book ‘Vedanta Prabodha,’ authored by Paramananda Bharathi Swami in the City on Sunday. The book gives an in-depth insight into the Advaita philosophy.

Speaking on the occasion, the author said that taking matters to court was not an effective way to resolve conflicts.

“There is no distinct criteria between good and bad there. However, Advaita philosophy gives a clear distinction of the same,” he said, adding that Moksha (salvation) was eternal happiness and one had to realise that it lay within.

He explained that Dharma was an arrangement within the society that would not conflict with Moksha.

Speaking about ‘Vedanta Prabodha,’ Vedic scholar Ashwathnarayana Avadhani said that the concepts had been explained in every subtle detail.

“Any common person can understand on reading this, as there is elaborate description of all the terms used,” he said.

Avadhani pointed out that the book was written by the author after travelling nationwide. He requested the governor that Shankara Bhashya schools, where Sanskrit is the medium of instruction, should be started.

Prof S R Leela, MLC, who spoke on the occasion, said that the book was aimed at clarifying the misconceptions that prevail about the teachings of Shankaracharya.

Bhardwaj, who drew a comparison between the traditional and current education system, said that the present day teachers are less knowledgeable and hardly have anything to share with their students, unlike what it was in the Indian education system earlier.

He emphasised the importance of learning Sanskrit and said that one cannot claim to be a scholar without knowing Prakrit. Copies of the book that is priced at Rs 250 each will be sold at Shankarashrama, 103/62, Ratnavilas Road, Basavanagudi, Bangalore.