The battle of beauties

The battle of beauties

The 'May Queen Ball' saw tradition and class on the ramp in all their glory

The battle of beauties

It’s not often that one finds a parade of military officers meeting up and having a good time with the family. Military services are reckoning and take away one’s social life and family time.

The hall of RSI hosted a fashion show titled the ‘May Queen Ball’, which saw the wives and daughters of Army personnel walking the ramp and flaunting designs that defined the traditional and modern Indian women. The battle, for once, was the beauty pageant and ‘Queen of the Year’ contest. 

“The Army Club Ball, which is patronised by the Army personnel, is a special occasion. After being posted in the border, we got a chance to be posted in Bangalore for two years, where we are with our families. Competitions and events like this bring the families of the army together.

This is the best time of our lives because we are with our family,” said Colonel Rakesh Dubey. The families were glad to come together and spend time. They interacted with each and were having a good time at the joyous occasion that they were looking forward to for a long time. 

“It’s a platform for the daughters and wives of the Army personnel to showcase their hidden talent on fashion. If one has observed, most of the top actresses in the Bollywood industry have an Army lineage and we take pride in this. It’s this very event that brings them that confidence,” said Nancy Chopra, a software professional and daughter of an Army personnel. 

All the mothers and daughters were cheered for by their families and encouraged in front of the huge crowd. Judging the event was South Indian actress Ragini Dwivedi. 

“Every year, the event is conducted with much excitement and is an eye-opener for us. Retired officials, in-service officials and civilians come together as one to enjoy the event. It is sponsored by one of the families and is a special event for the RSI,” said Colonel KS Raju.