Beyond the classroom

Beyond the classroom

Fruitful Vacation

Beyond the classroom

During one’s student years, it may not be easy to remember what happened in the classroom or how much you scored in that surprise test you detested.

But what one would probably remember is how they spent their summer holidays — a much-needed relief from the academic pressure of college. For some, the holidays continue to be a learning experience with student internships being pursued; for others, it’s a time to relax, catch up on that long overdue reading list or merely spend quality time with friends and family.

Sanjana Nyapati, a final-year textiles student of Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, has opted for a summer internship instead of going home. “Being at home is always amazing, considering how much I’d get to eat and sleep. But it’s been seven years since I’ve not been able to sit still. If I’m not travelling, I need to be doing something productive or both. I always need to be doing something with my hands and that’s what I love about textiles – tangible deliverables. That’s why I’m interning in Satya Paul (Delhi) in Gurgaon, where they primarily work with screen and digital printing. I’ll hopefully get a better understanding oh how the industry works in big design films,” she shares.

Raman Chadha, a third-year BSc FAD student of Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology, is using the holidays to do a variety of things, from getting fit to exploring the country. “I’m hitting the gym twice a day, getting toned and building my muscles. I’m also hanging out with friends and doing some photography tours that I discovered. But what’s most exciting is the travel lined up. I’ve already gone to Goa, Kodaikanal and Ooty and am heading to Shimla and parts of Himachal Pradesh next,” he informs.

   People like Kripa Joshi, who is pursuing BBM at Bishop Cotton Women’s Christian College, are also struck by wanderlust. The adventurous girl shares that she’s planning on going for a safari with her friends. “Everything is tentative right now but my friends and I are working out an itinerary. We’re hopefully going for a safari followed by a hot air balloon ride somewhere. It’s exciting to plan it out because it’s a necessary change from the usual,” she notes.

It’s a well-deserved break, says Anisha Jain, a BA student at Christ University, whose family visited her in the City during the holidays. “I didn’t go back home to Kolkata for a change because there was nothing to do there. Instead, my family came to visit me here. We went for some nice drives, which was perfect thanks to Bangalore’s awesome weather. Those days with them were all about family time, good food and shopping. In short, I got really pampered,” she adds.