Singing in the rain

Singing in the rain

Flea market

Singing in the rain

The rain gods may have tried to play spoilsport to the Kitsch Mandi summer night market that took place at Pebble recently.

 But despite the sudden downpour, post 9 pm that drove some visitors out, the ones who stayed on had an enjoyable time. 

During the drier parts of the flea market, the stalls seemed to be having brisk business selling notebooks, apparels, funky jewellery, hair accessories, cupcakes, bags, coasters, lamps, and of course umbrellas among other things! The décor in the place multiplied the charm manifold with the magical light installations and quirky art work strewn around. 

“We always tell the stall owners to bring a tarp along with them because Bangalore is so unpredictable with its weather. So when it did rain, everyone was thankfully able to save their products right away. The crowd also responded amazingly — when the rain started, everyone moved inside and started chilling to the DJ. Most of them waited for the rain to stop, stuck around and got back out after it did.

The musicians were all amazing – ‘Kabir Café’ moved outside to do an acoustic set because a lot of people wanted to hear more of them,” said Diva Ganeriwal, one of the organisers. In fact, having live music in various nooks and corners added to the fun and kept spirits higher than they otherwise would have been. From SMAK Mahadev, who played an acoustic set, to ‘Neeraj Arya’s Kabir Café’ that played under a canopy despite the rain, there was a good vibe with the music. 

For Bangalore-based electronica duo ‘Klypp’, the original live set with guitars and vocals couldn’t take place. But this was shifted indoors and converted to a DJ set, which worked equally well for the crowd that desperately needed some fun grooves to chill to. “We were just glad that we got a slot to play and it was a fun night for us despite the rains.

Music aside, I indulged in some really cool sketchbooks that I can’t wait to start using. There was enough variety in products to assure something for everyone,” said Faheemul Hasan, one of the members of ‘Klypp’. The stall owners weren’t too disappointed either.

 Said Raiyaan Shingati of ‘Tequila Shorts’, “We enjoyed the experience because we started a month ago and this really gave us the opportunity to showcase our product. The products were more on the creative side and the organisers did a good job with the whole place. We got a good response even after it started raining and continued to sell despite it.”