Agri dept targets 1.42 tons of paddy cultivation in Udupi

Agri dept targets 1.42 tons of paddy cultivation in Udupi

The District Agriculture department is all set to support the farming community for paddy cultivation once the monsoon commences.

The target for the year 2014-15 is to cultivate paddy in 45,000 hectares of agricultural land and grow 1.42 tonnes of paddy.

During the previous year, as many as 1.36 lakh tonne paddy was grown in 44,663 hectares. The average rainfall in the district is 4,570 mm.

The district has received nearly 206 mm rainfall from January to May.

10 subsidy on seeds

The department has initiated measures to supply adequate amount of paddy seeds, fertilizers and pesticides to the farmers.

A press release issued by the department stated that the initial phase of the agricultural activities has been kicked off and farmers are busy with the pre-monsoon agri activities.

There is a demand for 3,000 quintal of various patterns of paddy seeds.

As many as 1,313 quintal of paddy seeds were stored in various Raitha Samparka Kendras in the district. Nearly 2,271 farmers are given a total of 970 kgs of paddy seeds.

The farmers received Rs 10 subsidy on each Kg of seeds.

In the year 2013-14, as many as 4,325 farmers received as many as 1,794 quintal paddy seeds at subsidized rates.

Also, there is a target for 10,100 tons of fertilizers, of which 743 tonnes are already distributed.

About 1,295 tonnes of fertilizers are available in private and co-operative sector outlets. Last year, around 7,354 tonnes of fertilizers were distributed.

The release stated that there is storage of 311 tonnes of agriculture lime, 9.20 tonnes of sodium sulphate and 1.44 tonnes of Borax to provide the farmers as fertilizers.

Besides, the agriculture department is encouraging the use of organic fertilizers among farming community. About 55 quintal of green leaf fertilizers are stored in Raitha Samparka Kendra and is been given at subsidized rates.

Plans have been chalked out to introduce the ‘Bhoochethana’ programme in as many as 30,000 hectares of paddy land.

With the implementation of mechanized farming and also ‘Sri’ and traditional system of cultivation, the department aims to cultivate around 55-60 quintal of paddy per hectare.

As many as 5,610 farmers have received certified quality of all forms of 2,586 kilograms of seeds including paddy, and ground-nut.

Apart from this, 484 power tillers, six tractors, 11 harvester reaper, 94 portable sprinkling water units, 373 power weeder and 1000 cono-weeder were supplied to the farmers.