Leafing through digital pages

Leafing through digital pages


Leafing through digital pages

All those people who love holding a book in their hands and get a thrill when they flip the pages but don’t have time to visit a library are rejoicing.

Technology has come with a solution in the form of online and mobile libraries where readers can borrow books easily as they come to their doorstep.With a click of a button, one can select a book and see how good a book is and within a few hours, the book gets delivered at the doorstep. 

With a wishlist that is created according to book preference, one doesn’t need to worry about the stock. 

The online library is growing rapidly as they also have books in regional languages like Kannada, Tamil and Hindi.  Online libraries like ‘MyLib’ and ‘Easy Lib’ are the most popular ones in the City.

 An even more convenient way of borrowing books is the mobile library. Run by the State Government, the library allows its members to borrow books every week on the go. The books are in a BMTC bus which makes 25 stops around the City. 

The Devaraj Urs Mobile Library and the Masi Iyengar Venkatesh Library are the most famous ones that move through the streets of the City. 

“The first (mobile) library was started ten years back after a lot of demand. We currently have 2,000 members, along with three working staff including the driver,” says Sarojamma, who works at the Devaraj Library. 

Sundar Bai adds, “The books are in good condition and chosen by the book selection committee. The readers get a card worth Rs 45 and they get to keep one book for 15 days. They are charged Rs 1 as fine if it is given late.” 

According to the person in-charge, the demand for novels is increasing and most of the books are in Kannada.

Many housewives are voracious readers and frequent the libraries “As someone who is employed, there is no time to go to the library and pick up books.

 The online library is convenient and easier for someone to select books. Online libraries are the future of reading, ”says Anuradha, homemaker. 

Students are catching on to this as well. Apoorva C, a college student who loves books says, “The idea is very appealing. It has an edge over classic libraries as it is on the move, but the online stores have much more range of books and genres while these libraries are limited.

 From my experience, I can say that it is much more convenient to use online libraries.” 
“In these  fast-paced and technology-driven times, there is nothing like cuddling up with a good book. However, it is difficult to find time to visit a good book store. Online and mobile libraries go a long way in easing that burden,” says Satej, an avid reader who prefers to hold a good book rather than read through the screen of a computer. 

Even though the concept of reading online is more helpful and cheaper for students as they can carry their tabs and walk through the college halls easily, Vaidehee Joshi says, “Online books are convenient in this case but I still prefer standing for hours together in a library.”

She adds, “I like being unable to make-up my mind at times while stumble upon new books.” 

As Ernest Hemingway said, “There is no friend as loyal as a book”!