The posters of the past

The posters of the past


The posters of the past

There is a certain charm about film posters. Watching your favourite stars and movies displayed on the walls of the City is a delight.

 But over the years, posters are losing prominence thanks to the new age media. As a result, even the creativity that goes into the making of a poster is losing significance. 

Not long ago, these posters were considered a menace. Yet, the bright, action-packed posters of South Indian films and the subtle yet catchy ones of Bollywood added an array of colours to the City’s walls. There were times when people would line up on the streets to look at these posters. However, the BBMP authorities passed a rule that no film poster should be stuck on the walls of the City. 

Vasudha Ramesh, an engineering student from AMC, says, “Nowadays, everyone seeks information from the Internet. And we get just about any information on social media. This not only includes reviews but even trailers of upcoming films. The details available online are way more than what would be seen on a poster.”

“With the advent of technology, the way we disseminate information has certainly changed. Electronic and online media have taken over. However the idea and concept of a film poster — as an iconic visual representation of the very essence of what a film stands for — is a concept that can never die.

 These are images that have been etched in our memory for generations — be it the image of Scarlet O’Hara in Rhett Butler’s arms, the three skipping characters wearing yellow raincoats on the poster of Stanley Donen and Gene Kelly’s ‘Singing In The Rain’, or the image of the cigarette holding femme fatale on the poster of ‘Pulp Fiction’,” says Nirupama Belliappa, an independent filmmaker.

Many feel that though posters play a vital role in providing information about a movie, they end up spoiling the walls of the City. New actress Kiara Advani, who was in town to promote a film, says, “People look at billboards nowadays. Every youngster is active on social media.

That’s why we choose to promote our movies on social media and billboards. Let’s keep our country clean and avoid spoiling the walls of our cities.”  Looks like even the people of the industry prefer the new age media to the old-world film posters as today’s world revolves around the Internet.