ACs, coolers to help gods battle summer heat

ACs, coolers to help gods battle summer heat

Even the gods are feeling the heat this summer. The fire raining from the skies has not spared even the gods and to save them from the heat, air conditioners and water coolers are being installed at many temples in Ayodhya, the land of Lord Rama, about 140 kilometers from Lukcnow.

According to reports, the mahants of these famous temples have taken steps to “ensure” that the idols installed in the temples are not affected by the heat.

While the bigger temples have installed air conditioners and water coolers, the smaller ones are managing with the traditional curtains made of ‘khus’  to protect the idols from the heat wave.

The manager of the famous Janaki Mahal Trust, Ram Kumar Sharma, said an Air  Conditioner has been installed in the temple premises to keep the atmosphere cool.

“For us, the deities in the temples are living beings”', he said adding that they also “feel heat and cold like us.”

Even the ‘artis’ are being performed with flowers and not with earthen lamps.

“In this heat the use of earthen lamps will only increase the temperature inside, and hence we are using flowers,” said another priest of a temple in Ayodhya.

The sizzling heat has also changed the menu of ‘bhog’. “Instead of sweets, we are using lime water, almond juice, curd, etc”, the priest said.

With mercury hovering around 48 degrees celsius in many places in Uttar Pradesh, normal life has been badly affected. Five people have died of heat wave in the state during the past few days.

According to the Met office, there would be no respite from heat in the coming days. The monsoon rains are likely to hit the state after June 15, the weather office said.