Copenhagen meet a failure: Raul Castro

Copenhagen meet a failure: Raul Castro

Cuban President Raul Castro appaluds during the inauguration of the first Cuban ALBA house in Havana on Sunday. AP

Speaking at the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas, or ALBA, summit on Sunday, Castro said that "it's known that there won't be an agreement" and the whole thing will end in the coming days with a simple political pronouncement.

He stated that Washington continues to consider Latin America as its back yard and wants to continue dominating the region "at any price".

The "confrontation" between the US "empire ... (and the) revolutionary and progressive" forces in Latin America "is intensifying", Castro said.
"I transmit to you the greetings of Fidel, who is attentively following this meeting," Raul Castro said.

The Cuban president also criticised the governments who "ended up accepting" the Honduran coup.

The Cuban leader cast doubts on the statements circulating recently that the international economic crisis has ended and recalled that 50 million people had lost their jobs this year.