'Polluted air leads to 30 pc increase in asthma cases in City'

'Polluted air leads to 30 pc increase in asthma cases in City'

'Polluted air leads to 30 pc increase in asthma cases in City'

Frequent exposure to polluted air has led to a rise in the number of asthma cases in the City by at least 30 per cent, said Dr K S Satish, Chief Pulmonologist, Vikram Hospital.

He added that the increase in garbage had also been adding to the number of cases. “There is also a rise in those suffering from chest diseases,” he said.

Increasing cases of asthma, age-related issues and geriatrics were the main topics discussed at the inauguration of the Continuous Medical Education (CME) event, organised by the Indian Medical Association here on Sunday.

Vikram Hospital Medical Director Dr I R Ravish, who was also present on the occasion, said the session would help professionals in the field share their experience so as to ensure quality treatment for the patients.

He explained that it would also give them ideas for different dimensions of treating a patient. 

Can save money

“Consulting a doctor regularly after reaching 50 years can help detect diseases at an early stage. This can save money for the elderly, as chances of serious age-related ailments like urinary tract infection and kidney failure go up owing to age factor,” said Dr Ravish.

He also explained that noticeable colour and odour changes during urination, pressure or cramping of the lower back, pain on the sides of the body were symptoms of kidney ailments.

Gazette notification

Dr P V Narayana Rao, Honourary Secretary of the Indian Medical Association, said that in 2003, a gazette notification was issued to hold the Continuous Medical Education programme that year.

However, with the exchange of ideas, it was made possible only in 2014, Dr Narayana Rao added.