The Swedish flavour

The Swedish flavour

The Swedish flavour

The Swedish duo, Olle Cornéer and Stefan Engblom of ‘Dada Life’, performed at Royal Orchid during the weekend much to the delight of their fans.

This was their first tour in India and the audience were blown away by their electro and progressive house music.

With the duo rolling out their hits ‘Rolling Stones T-shirt’, ‘Feed the Dada’, ‘Kick Out the Epic’’, the audience grooved and sang along enjoying the night that they had been anticipating for a long time.

For many, the electronic music had kicked off into a whole new level.

“‘Dada Life’ is amazing, they were absolutely brilliant and getting an autograph from them was a dream-come-true. I love their music, especially the tracks ‘Rolling Stones T-shirt’ and ‘Feed the Dada’.

It was great to see them perform live and I couldn’t have asked for more,” said Amita Winston, second PU student, Mount Carmel College.

Hassan, who too had come for the performance, said, “Music production in the world is taking off to a whole new level and it’s the same hereThey are unique and in a world of their own.”

There were other die-hard fans too like Kritika Anilkumar, first year engineering student from Ramaiah College.

“They won ‘EDM 2013’. They are awesome and have a unique swing to their music. Listening them play is what any fan would ask for.”

There were foreign students too at the concert enjoying the evening thoroughly.

“I’m a big fan of music back home and I follow the duo just about everywhere. Their music is special as it has its own special elements making them unique in the electronic scene.

They have their own ‘nation’ and they wish to have it for people who are themselves,” said Florian Haenny, a student from Switzerland.