Today's letters

Today's letters

Safety norms must be observed   


I refer to the editorial " Heed rules " ( DH Dec11).  This  is very appropriate for our country where rules are many a time purposely avoided to serve politicians. The author has rightly proposed the suggestion.

In this connection I consider it right to mention an instance during Lal Bahadur Shastry's regime.  Lal Bahadur as a Railway minister was going in a car and railway level crossing gate was closed. The gate-keeper in his anxiety to honour the Railway minister and please him, opened the gate and allowed the car to proceed and then closed the gate. Lal Bahadur immediately sent a warning to the gate-keeper for derelection of duty and asked the railways to take disciplinary action as he has done serious crime which would have resulted in loss of lives and railway properties if train had passed when gate - which was supposed to be closed -was opened. This is the discipline former ministers maintained.

B S Ganesh,    
Basappa Layout, Hanumanthnagar,

Taking it in the stride

I was perhaps just beaten by Niranjan Nikam to a middle on Virendar Sehwag. Nikam has filed a very interesting and informative piece on Viru whose life mantra seems to be to take in his stride things as they come without any regrets or anticipations..While at the crease ,He remains unperturbed and self confident and plays his natural game , unmindful of the match situation or the possible consequences.He doesn't shout from roof tops that he never plays for records,but shows it through his attitude and action. No nervous nineties for him. More often than not his milestone test hundreds,double hundreds and triple hundreds are reached by casually dispatching the cherry to the ropes or even beyond.

Sehwag refuses to be perturbed or demoralised by opposition players' various antics. All they get back is a cold,contemptous stare.He always keeps a distance from hassles, scandals or on field misconduct. That is the way the  greatest ever entertaining cricketer conducts himself.

H S Nagaraja
Gauravnagar, JP Nagar 7th Phase
Bangalore 560078

Functioning of new Yadgir district

Karnataka government has to make arrangements for the functioning of the new Yadgir district before 31st of Decembur 2009. Census Commission of India, has stopped all the new geographical/ boundary changes after 31st Dec 2009 to facilitate the new census work from 1st Jan 2010 to Dec 2011.

State govt has the responsibility to develop Hyderabad-Karnataka region as par with old Mysore area which has 12 districts.

New state demands like Telangana will start from NK , Hk regions  of Karnataka, if regional imbalances are there in development.

I request the state govt to start the new Yadgir  district functioning before Dec 31st 2009 from Gulbarga district.        

Rajajinagar 2nd stage,

GRS Raghavachar -a preceptor par excellence
It is very sad to learn (D.H. 11th Dec. Obituary)  about the passing away
of a teacher and a true "guru".

GRS was our beloved teacher during our high school days at Bangalore.
High School, Vishveshwarpuram, Bangalore. I had a personal relationsip with Shri
Raghavachar  and I am sure there are countless number students who are all the
admirers  who were benifited by this great teacher who had  put in  his heart and soul in his profession. He used to answer all my questions  even outside the school precincts and even today  I remember his  discussions with me on many subjects.
During the academic year 1953-54, when I had to leave the Bangalore High School  as my father who was a Govt. servant was re-loacted to Kolar, I secretly
wept  as I was deprived of the benefits of learning from great rteachers like GRS and also Shri. B.C. Ramachandra Sharma (who also passed away just a fears ago).
GRS was not only a good teacher but an exponent in Flute and  we used to enjoy his performances during all School Day celebrations.
GRS Sir, you may be physically  not with us but you live in our hearts. I am sure all your  pupils and followers will remember you this day and everyday.
Deshmukh Raghavendra.
DM Road, Basavanagudi

Election gimmick?

The report about  Ashok, the minister in charge of Bangalore, that road widening proposal will be dropped, as there is stiff resistance from the citizens makes interesting reading. He wants to make the roads signal free instead with magic boxes, which is a bright idea. If the announcement is not a election  gimmick, he should issue a govt notification withdrawing the road widening notification, otherwise his sayings will remain a sham.

V. Purushotham
ASM Road,
Bangalore 560042

Weakest Govt!

In announcing the decision to form a separate state of Telengana, in response to the pressure tactics of an individual with selfish motive and doubtful conviction, the central govt.has proved that it is the weakest govt. of all. The demand for Telengana is not new and late Sri.Brahmananda Reddy handled the agitation very  efficiently when he was the Chief Minister of AP.

If this was the  ultimate decision of Central Govt it could have been taken before public properties worth crores of rupees were destroyed by the agitators, and 25 people committed suicide. What kind of statemanship is this? Central Govt. has meekly surrendered.

Not only here, even in J & K  the construction of road in our territory near the Line of Control was abandoned just because Chinese Military protested over it. If this is not weakness, then what is it? The Govt. is going to face the repurcussions of this decision in the days to come.

At the most, Telengana could have been the Sub-State status within Andhra Pradesh, just like Meghalaya was once awarded this status within the state of Assam in 1970s.

Sukumar Talpady,
Dwaraka Nagar,
Kottara, Mangalore 575006

Only violence talks?

I refer to your Editorial ‘Spiraling crisis’. It is unfortunate that we have set a precedent that goals can achieved only through violent agitations and tragically government responds only after these incidents.

The formation of Andhra itself was on fasting unto death undertaken by Potti Sriramulu and there is no surprise in KCR taking to a similar approach.

The demand for Telengana started way back in 1968 -69 during the leadership of late Sri Channa Reddy.Many states have been since formed  like Chattisgarh, Jharkand,and Uttaranchal. It is only pragmatic that the center  grants Statehood to Telengana. However the agitation to invest a Union Territory status to Hyderabad is fraught with danger. This will trigger similar agitations for granting UT status to big cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Kolkata.The center should not succumb to these demands.

HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar
Bangalore 8

Pandora’s box

At long last the wish of the people from Telengan region of Andhra Pradesh is being fulfilled with the creation of a separate State. The fast unto death undertaken by the TRS leader, and its likely repercussions on the masses, appear to have weighed heavily on the minds of the UPA government. Let us hope that this decision of the Centre does not open a Pandora’s box in other parts of the country, where such demands are being raised off and on by various political groups to serve their own purpose, depending upon the prevailing situation.

Arun Malankar
Sunder Nagar No 3,
Kalina, Santa Cruz (E),
Mumbai 400098

Bifurcation is not a solution

The Centre has bowed to the immense pressure tactics created by Chandrasekhar, and has assured of a separate state to be carved in the name of "Telegana". This will in a way diffuse the crisis and tension for a while, but to be honest is there a need for a separate state? How genuine are the demands? Unlike uttar Pradesh, AP is geographically not that vast. No doubt regional imbalance definitely persists that does not mean one should demand a state. Though the Centre has decided to go ahead with a separate state, but it would be extremely difficult for them to work out the modalities as far as inclusion and exclusion of few places. One thing is sure -"Telagana" will  loose immense opportunities and will face the problem of mobilizing revenue. Bifurcation is not a solution. With this, people of Northern and Hyderabad Karnataka may press their demand. Any way centre should have not acted in haste in trying to achieve short term goal. It has failed to visualize the repercussions.

Inamdar Ramachandra
1st 'N' Block, Rajajinagar

Why separate Telangana?

TRS chief K. Chandrasekhar Rao will be proved a hero for a very short period for going on indefinite hunger strike and his ‘success’ but our real heroes from all over India on our borders keeping all of us, the Indians safe against Pakistan must be repenting for the fact that they are protecting such name greedy separatists.

Sardar Patel brought 500 provinces together after our independence from the British rule and made one, united India. And shockingly, under our own rule, we have separatists asking for separate Telangana, separate Vidarbh, separate Bodoland and what not. Why has the government kneeled down to such thoughtless demand separating the Indians inter se? Is this not treason on part of the government as well as the TSR chief Rao?

Hansraj Bhat
GeethanjaliNagar, Saibaba Mandir Road, Borivali (W),
Mumbai 400092

Correct step

One thing I am unable to understand that hardly seven months ago when all political parties that supported a separate Telangana fared badly, even Telengana Rashtra Samithi and its leader K Chandrasekhar Rao who could hardly win support of the electorate, did remain mum and could do nothing during Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy’s living time.  Now after the death of YSR  Rao felt the need to launch a movement with people’s emotions to remain in the limelight.

People are fully aware that, in Andhra Pradesh, imbalances in growth and development between the three regions and sub-regions is the root cause for the present crisis. It’s also true that Hyderabad is part of Telengana and 28% of the state revenue comes from the city, then how can two states share it? Hence it’s necessary to declare Hyderabad as Union Territory (UT), which will create another problem for both the states.

Hence the big question is bifurcation of the State a solution to the  problem is correct step or to strengthening of the Regional Development Boards, which was remained ineffective by earlier government may be solved the problem towards Telengana problem.

Bidyut Kumar Chatterjee
1159/ Sector 23 A
Faridabad 121005

Major headaches

The Union Government lead by the Congress Party has caved in to the demands of the Telangana 'separatists' not knowing that this would set the ball rolling for similar demands by other States.Marathawada and Tamil Elam are the next to cause major headaches to Dr.Manmohan Singh and his cabinet.The Congress Party has always followed a policy of appeasement be it domestic issues are International affairs.

Encouraged by what the Telangana leader,.K.Chandrashekar Rao has done, leaders like Vaiko and those in Maharashtra and other States who are demanding separate status for their 'people' will now resort to similar arm twisting tactics.The precedent has been set. It was Pandit Nehru who started dividing the Country into States based the language,now the Congress Party lead by his own grand-daughter-in-law,Smt.Sonia Gandhi will be credited with further dividing the States based on the whimsical demands of some divisive and separatist leaders.

The Country can ill -afford such divisions both economically and socially. Little do leaders like K Chandrashekar Rao know that such small 'States with States' ultimately become liabilities to the Country. Such 'States' will have a Governor, a chief minister, ministers,etc....and the financial burden will be tremendous.Demands for separate state or status should be treated like anti-National demands and dealt with accodingly.
Palmsprings Layout
Kanakapura Main Rd
Bangalore 560 062

A myth

At last the UPA government has succumbed to the political blackmail of the Telangana Rashtra Samiti and decided to grant statehood to Telangana. This is reminiscent of the formation of Andhra Pradesh after the fast unto death of Potti Sriramulu in 1952. This led to the division of the country on linguistic basis with the disastrous consequences that followed in the next half a century.

It is a myth, created and nurtured by corrupt politicians and vested interests, that carving out a separate state out of a bigger state will result in the development of a backward region in it. It only makes the local politicians acquire powers of office and amass wealth with the area continuing to languish economically. Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh are classic examples which are no better to day than when they were parts of bigger states. They have only made politicians like Madu Koda and Ajit Jogi millionaires.

Koramangala, Block 6,
Bengaluru 560 095

Initiate action

This refers to the news report about the ‘Love Jihad’ luring the innocent girls to convert to other religions.  It is a slap on the face of Kerala government for having concealed the startling facts to the High Court of Kerala about the alleged conversion said to have taken place on the guise of ‘Love Jihad’.  

It is the duty of any government to initiate action against the organized outfits or fringe groups which indulge in forcible conversion or lured to convert to other religions. Kudos to High Court for having taken the trouble of perusing the police reports, case diaries and other reports from across the State to know the truth about the illegal activities of certain outfits.

It is shame on the part of Kerala government to allow the so-called ‘Love Jihad’ to carry out its undesirable acts with impunity by luring innocent girls to convert to other religions. It is time the administration pulls up socks to put an end to the pernicious practise  with iron hand.

III Main II Stage, Rajajinagar

Catches win matches

Though Sri Lanka scored 215 in twenty20 battle agaisnt India, at one stage India was 77 in 6 overs and it appeared  India can certainly make a game of it.But what essentially let down was not the batting  but superb demonstration of catching prowess of Sri Lnkan crcketers coupled with dropping of the catches by Indians.

In fact on the batting front Indians did superbly and for  189 was not a bad score considering that all recognised batsmaen being dismissed for superbly held catches For sheer power, brilliance  and technique of Gambir who scored 52 in19 balls was a watch and outshone any cricketer from the opposite side.

I recall what Maharja Kumar of Vizianagar in his cricket commentary  was never tired  of saying 'catches win matches' Thats how Sri Lanka won and India failed.India  has lot to catch up  before the next match if it has to be made really exciting to watch.

H.R.Bapu Satyanarayana
12th Main, 2nd Cross,
Mysore 570009

Kudos to Sri Lankan team

A lesson to Indian team from Sri Lankan team. Good and effective fielding has made the difference. At that level of cricket what was expected was not to let down the chances. Atleast from now on, one can expect Indian team to perform better after their display in the recent 20-20 match at Nagpur.

Ejipura, Koramnagala
Bangalore 560047

Indian spectators need to behave properly

Ours is a huge nation, and the greatest admirers and followers of cricket, we Indian spectator should not always be so arrogant that our nation must always win.

See cricket as a sport, finally cricket should win (I am not referring to infamous Sydney cricket test) weather Tendulkar bats or Jayasuriya does. What we want is entertainment, we should always welcome with the love and sprit.
If you see the 20/20 held at nagpur on 9th Dec 09, when the Lankans were batting there was a pin drop silence in the stadium, when the Indians chasing suddenly were 6 down, spectators started moving out of stadium.

If you recall the World Cup semifinal match between India & Sri Lanka held at Calcutta during 1996, when the chips were down our spectators made the Eden garden literally a dustbin. No one has admired one of the classic innings of Aravinda D Silva who made 66 runs when Sri Lanka main heroes Jayasuriya & Kalu got out in the first 1st over when the score card reading only 1 run. With the help of Mahanama (50) and a little contribution from Ranatunga, Lanksan beat us in   our own den, and later went on to win the final against the mighty Aussies .

As fans, we Indians first should enjoy the game of cricket, and then the team, then the individual that counts.

Eswarappa Kumar

Simple but effective steps
A lot of controversy has been generated at Copenhegan. However, leaving that aside, Indians could breathe cleaner air if the Govt acts positively and does not indulge in politics alone, leaving the public to continue to suffer endlessly.

Simple steps like stopping the manufacture of pertrol/diesel consuming autorickshaws, compulsory ruling the use of CFL/LED bulbs by every commercial establishment whether in public or private sector, use of solar energy to light the name boards etc could be implemented immediately without causing contrioversy.
S Guha Roy,

BBMP, BMRCL have a duty

As the media reporting very often,accidents are taking at the places like Metro and at other places like underpasses/flyover and the like,because of lack of safety measures.

It is the duty of the BBMP authorities and the BMRCL authorities to provide all the necessary safety measures like proper working conditions for the workers,providing rubber gloves,gumboots,insurance cover to all workers,strong and sturdy scaffolding which can withstand storms and heavy rains, and the like to prevent consequential casualties to the workers.

The BBMP and the BMRCL authorities should see that periodical inspection should be in place on a daily basis to see whether the required safety measures are provided to workers at the sites,and also to know about the quality of construction materials like cement,steel.

The tender conditions within which the contractor works within the time frame should be checked by the designated engineers of BBMP/BMRCL authorities,and to impose heavy fines for any lapse to the contractors.

The designated engineers of the infrastructural projects should give an action taken report to the BBMP/BMRCL authorities about the various stages of construction of the projects on a daily/monthly basis so that any lapse on the part of the contractors could be got rectified on the spot without any delay of the completion of the project on time,else such contractors can be warned for any defective/substandard work in the first instance and to take action to blacklist  them and to complete the project without any delay as per tender conditions for the completion of the project.

B S Raghavendra Rao,
Sterling Terraces,
BSK 3rd.Stage,