The notes of yore!

The notes of yore!

Western Classical

The notes of yore!

Bangaloreans were treated to a violin concert with exceptional pieces.

Bangalore School of Music (BSM) saw a melodious evening of western classical music, called ‘Summer Classics, An Evening of Violin Favourites’ recently as the young violinist, Sandya Kola, played four exceptional pieces. She was accompanied by Rebecca Thomas on the piano and the duo stole the show with their perfect synchronisation, crisp notes and mellifluous strains. 

Sandya kicked off the evening with a wonderful start of  Dvorak’s ‘Sonatina in G Major’ and moved on to Fritz Kreisler’s ‘Praeludim and Allegro’. The ‘Sonatino’ is Dvorak’s last chamber which he composed during his time in America. It consisted of four short movements that had specific themes. 

Sandya was able to capture the attention of the audience immediately as she retained the mood of the composition. The first two movements were fresh and evoked a sense of elation while the last movement evoked a sense of home and nostalgia. The bowing was done to perfection and the coordination between Rebecca and Sandya was exemplary. There was no room for clumsy notes or screeches. 

   The two artistes also handled the transitions from staccato and largo with ease. Sandya also played an evergreen piece by ‘Bach, ‘Partita No.2, Allemande and Sarabande’ and presented the flowing notes of ‘Violin concerto in E minor’ by Mendelssohn. 

The concert typified the passion and commitment of the young artistes towards music. 

“I plan to pursue music in the future and play violin professionally. The music college that I want to apply to, abroad requires a set of pieces for the audition repertoire. So I chose these pieces as a learning experience and as practise for me later,” said Sandya. 

She said that she couldn’t have asked for a more accomplished accompanyist and added that they are united by the love for music and share an affectionate bond. 

"I learnt piano from Rebecca here and I can’t be happier that she is accompanying me. It is really easy to play alongside her.”