Modi asks Oppn to help in nation-building

Modi asks Oppn to help in nation-building

Modi asks Oppn to help in nation-building

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday reached out to the Opposition, inviting them to join hands with the government for the country’s development.  

To achieve this objective, it is imperative to create an ethos that respects women, cleanses criminalisation of politics and empowers poor and minorities to emerge out of interminable poverty, he said.  

The prime minister reiterated the priorities of his government, vowed to control inflation and provide every citizen with a house that has running water, a toilet and round-the-clock electricity.

He also spoke of replacing the country’s image from “Scam India” to “Skill India” at the global level, and requested politicians to stop “psychoanalysing rape” that has brought shame to the nation.

His almost an hour-long reply in Lok Sabha was a combination of promises his government intends to fulfil and advocacy on the need for fresh and clean politics that encourages parties to compete for the best practices.

“Forget the bitterness of the past. We have to work together for the development of the country. We can bring about change. I don’t want to move forward without you (Opposition). I don’t have to move forward on the basis of numbers but on the basis of collective decision-making. If necessary, we will move forward with your guidance,” Modi said in Lok Sabha, with members listening in rapt attention.

The BJP’s Hindutva face, whom the Opposition always feared would indulge in divisive politics, expressed his commitment to work for the upliftment of Muslims as well.

“I believe if one organ of the body remains weak, can the whole be called healthy? We are committed to this (progress of minorities). We don’t see it as appeasement,” he said. 

Touching upon the need for a clean country, he said a collective effort was required to meet this objective, which would be a real tribute to Mahatma Gandhi on his 150th birth anniversary, five years from now. 

Earlier, Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen chief Asaduddin Owaisi, participating in the debate, castigated Modi saying that people cannot forget what happened in Gujarat, referring to the riots in which many Muslims were killed.