Indian travellers splurge on vacation: Survey

Indian travellers splurge on vacation: Survey

Indian travellers splurge on vacation: Survey

Indians splurge while they are on vacation, says a recent survey which pegged the country's travellers topmost in the world who begin saving up for their trips at least six months in advance.

"Globally, Indians feel most excited about spending money to go on a vacation at an average of 52 per cent, followed by Mexicans at 46 per cent and Brazilians at 45 per cent," says the survey by travel portal Expedia.

The "2014 Holiday Spending Index" analyzes preferences among travelers around the world for spending money on a vacation. It highlights "maturation of the Indian traveler who does not shy away from spending money for satisfying their wanderlust."

The Index has found that Indians (85 per cent) are some of the most likely in the world to save for their vacations in advance. with Mexicans topping at 89 per cent followed by Malaysians 83 per cent and Thais 83 per cent.

"In fact, 63 per cent of Indians say they save for their vacations at least six months in advance- 10 per cent save for more than a year in advance, 21 per cent save for a year, 32 per cent save for 6 months," says the survey.

By contrast, travelers from Japan 53 per cent and the Netherlands 55 per cent are least likely to save in advance for their vacations.

The research was conducted from March 11 to April 2 this year among 11,165 adults aged 18 years of age and older across 24 countries.

Manmeet Ahluwalia, Marketing Head, Expedia India says, "Indian travellers are the most excited globally to spend on vacations. In fact, they are globally the second highest splurgers on hotel related spends (at 87 percent)."

Indians (41 per cent) have also been most likely to have a dedicated vacation fund. Thais (53 per cent) and French (38 per cent) are the most likely to say they have a dedicated vacation fund, versus the global average at 28 per cent.

An average of 56 per cent of Indians said they decided not to take a vacation in last five years because of the cost, with 32 percent saying cost has prevented them from taking a vacation in the last 2 years.

While travelling Indians say they are most annoyed by taxes (48 per cent) followed by resort or hotel fees (34 per cent) and baggage fees (31 per cent).

Other irritants listed by desi travellers was having to buy a mobile phone package for out of network travel, booking fees, seat selection fares out-of-country medical insurance, rental car insurance in-room wi-fi and tipping.

Survey findings indicate that while on a fixed budget, 40 per cent travellers globally expect "Beach Vacations" to be most cost effective. This expectation is highest among the Danish (55 per cent) and lowest among Japanese (14 per cent). 
Indians expect beach vacations to be most cost efficient (32 per cent), followed by vacations centered around historical or cultural sight-seeing.

While on an unlimited budget, travellers globally expect 'cruises to be most luxurious (39 per cent) with Indians most likely to expect cruises to be most luxurious (33 per cent), followed by beach vacations (19 per cent) When travelling in their own country, Norwegians expect to spend the most, with spending expectations averaging USD 1,256 per person for transportation, accommodation, food and beverage and activities, followed by the Japanese (USD 1,054) Canadians (USD 937) and Australians (USD 904). By contrast, 79 per cent of Indians expect to spend $500 or less (per person) for a week's vacation inside their own country.

It has also been found that globally, the largest proportion of travellers' budget goes into accommodation (24 per cent), followed by flights (19 per cent), food (18 per cent), shopping (7 per cent), tours (7 per cent) entertainment (7 per cent), local transportation (5 per cent). Globally, travelers devote more of their travel budget to alcoholic beverages (5 per cent) than they do rental cars ( 3 per cent). Indian travellers dedicate the largest share of their travel budget to flights (19 per cent), followed by accommodation (16 per cent) and food (14 per cent).

The least amount of their travel budget goes to alcoholic beverages (4 per cent), the survey said. Travellers from within the country are most likely to seek out flight deals (53 per cent), package deals (48 per cent) and all-inclusive packages (48 per cent).

They are most interest globally in advance ticket purchase discounts (42 per cent) and mobile booking discounts (28 per cent ) than their global counterparts, the survey finds.

When booking a vacation, Indians are also more likely than their global counterparts to splurge on a room with a view (47 per cent), a hotel with room service/restaurant on premise (43 per cent), a hotel with premium in-room facilities (25 per cent), an airline that offers in-flight wi-fi (20 per cent), a hotel with a fitness center (18 per cent), a luxury car rental, (18 per cent) and first class/business class airline seats (15 per cent).

Indians are the most likely to buy new clothes (66 per cent), a phone package (55 per cent), waxing or hair removal services (33 per cent), dieting or weight management products or services (24 per cent), fitness classes (21 per cent), an tanning services (18 per cent) to get vacation ready.