Anti-graft to be subject in universities

Anti-graft to be subject in universities

Riding to power on the anti-corruption plank, the Narendra Modi government has decided to introduce ‘anti-corruption’ as a subject at the university level.

The University Grants Commission (UGC), governing higher education in the country, has already sent a letter in this regard to all vice chancellors.

The subject is proposed to be introduced in the Law, Public Administration, Human Rights curriculum among others to bring about a constructive change in the society and help students combat the menace at every forum.
“ order to strengthen participation and combat corruption in its every form, HRD has considered inclusion of subject ‘anti-corruption’ in the curriculum and also for carrying out the research work in higher educational institutions,” the letter addressed to the vice chancellors has said.

The move by UGC comes in the backdrop of the HRD Ministry asking it to incorporate the subject at the higher education level, officials said.

The aim is also to discourage irregularities not only at the university level, but instill in students a spirit to fight the menace in every walk of life.