3 held for murder

3 held for murder

The Belthangady police have arrested three persons in connection with the death of Mahesh Naik, at Kambathimaru near Ujire on Thursday night. 

Naik who had been to fishing was found dead on Friday morning. He was reportedly electrocuted when he came in contact with a noose meant to prevent wild boars from entering fields. The arrested are Mahesh Gowda, Praveen Gowda and Rajesh Naik.

 Rajesh Naik had been to fishing along with Mahesh Naik. 

It was said that Mahesh Gowda and Praveen Gowda had kept a noose to catch wild boars using an live electric wire from the pump shed. Unknowingly, Mahesh Naik came in contact with the live wire. Seeing Naik wriggling, Rajesh Naik tried to cut the wire with the help of a sickle.

 However, sickle fell on Naik and he died on the spot. Fearing punishment, Rajesh Naik returned home and did not inform anyone. On Friday morning when Mahesh Gowda came in search of wild boar, he saw the body of Naik lying in the field. 

With fear, he cut wire from pumpshed and threw on the body, to ensure that Naik died of electrification. Further investigations are on.