South Corpn plans to set up 'night bazaars' for vendors

South Corpn plans to set up 'night bazaars' for vendors

The South Corporation is mulling setting up of ‘night bazaars' in the areas under its jurisdiction to help street vendors earn their livelihood.

Chairman of South Delhi Municipal Corporation’s Standing Committee Satish Upadhyay said that vendors who work till late will benefit by the formation of the ‘night markets’.

“Before introducing night bazaars, we have to do a lot of ground work. We have to build a proper infrastructure and construct vending zones. Also, there should be adequate parking facility,” said Upadhyay. “These zones should not create traffic problems so proper arrangement should be made for the smooth movement of vehicles,” he added.

The South Corporation said that this new initiative is the part of creating vending zones under the Street Vendors (Protection of livelihood and Regulation of street vending) Bill, 2014. The Bill that came into effect from May 1 makes it mandatory for a state government to provide licenses and vending zones to street vendors.

The south civic agency has planned to conduct a survey of street vendors as well as weekly markets in its areas. The survey will be conducted by an independent agency that will give its report to South Corporation.

Councillors, both from the ruling and opposition parties, said that the corporation does not have the data relating to the weekly markets operating in the areas under its jurisdiction.

According to the South Corporation, there is an urgent need to conduct a survey on the number of weekly markets as it will not only provide vendors space to sell his products, but it will also help the corporation generate more revenue.

The corporation takes fees for allowing vendors to sell products at the weekly markets. 

“There is no record of how many vendors sell goods at a weekly market. On records, 500 vendors are allowed to sell their products and in reality, over 1,000 vendors sell goods there,” said Parveen Rajput, a councillor from Sagarpur area.

The data with the South Corporation shows that there are only 29 weekly markets in Najafgarh Zone. “But in reality at least four weekly markets have been functional in every ward,” added Rajput. There are 23 wards under the Najafgarh Zone.