Some Governors under pressure to resign

Some Governors under pressure to resign

Some Governors under pressure to resign

The Centre has asked some of the Governors appointed during UPA regime to quit in the wake of change of government.

Though nothing has been officially disclosed, it is understood that some of the Governors including K Shankaranarayanan of Maharashtra, M K Narayanan (West Bengal), Uttar Pradesh Governor B L Joshi and Kamla Beniwal (Gujarat) have been told to step down.

Home Minister Rajnath Singh reportedly commented that if he were in their place he would have quit.

Kerala Governor Sheila Dikshit, a former Delhi Chief Minister, who was also reportedly spoken to by Union Home Secretary Anil Goswami, said she cannot comment on media reports.

Meanwhile, Rajasthan Governor Margaret Alva met Prime Minister Narendra Modi which was described as a courtesy call. She is also scheduled to call on the President Pranab Mukherjee.

Alva, who completes her five year term in August, is understood to have not been sounded out yet.

Karnataka Governor H R Bhardawaj, who like Beniwal did not share good rapport with the BJP government in the state, also called on the President today. Assam Governor J B Patnaik also met the President.

Patnaik, a former Odisha Chief Minister, told reporters that he has not resigned. "If there is a rumour (about his resignation) I cannot help," he said. Patnaik said meeting the President, who is his friend, did not mean that he was resigning.