To speak or not to speak

To speak or not to speak

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In the wake of issues regarding posts on social networking sites getting people into trouble, Metrolife finds out the views of the youth on how far they are willing to go to expressing themselves in social media.

Social media has become the voice of the youth and they love to express their opinions on it. But over time, social media is being monitored. However, this is cause for concern for the youth of this nation.

“I’ve become cautious as I feel that there is definitely surveillance taking place. But a few checkpoints are valid. Freedom of speech and expression does not mean that ones says and writes whatever one feels like.

 Some healthy debates through one’s status or comments is fine but substantial evidence, immense research and analysis should be there to back what you put up. And when it is made public, it should abide by the protocol: my views can’t be mine alone when they are out in the open. Once expressed, it encroaches the public space,” says Abhishek Roy, a professional.

This is the resounding voice that most of the youth share – that they should know what they post and it should have validation as it does affect others who might take action against you. It is no surprise that the cases being booked against people posting on the social media are on the rise. 

“People should look into what is being posted. They should not come up with posts that are offensive or target anyone unless the facts are valid and for the betterment (of society).

If it is not serving this purpose, a post should be strictly monitored and people who put such stuff up should be blocked and never allowed back because they cause unnecessary issues and damage that cannot be repaired at times,” opines Varshini N, a second-year BSc student of Wiztoonz College of Media and Design.

The incidents all over the country have shocked many, mak­ing them think twice before posting things on the web. But the question on everyone’s mind is whether this is the government’s way of keeping things the way they want it – by stealing the freedom of expression of its own people?

“Freedom of expression is the right of every citizen and one really can’t curb it. You have all the right to express if the facts are accurate. These incidents of arrests have made people aware of the limitations of their speech and are forcing them back into the clo­set, which is not a good si­gn.

These arrests will prevent the truth from coming out,” says Ke­vin Manohar, an audio engin­eer. 
“Responsibility comes fro­m people themselves on what they think is right or wrong. It does require some moderation but people should be held acc­ountable for what content go­es online without curbing the freedom of speech,” concludes Amit Paul, a professional.