How about al fresco dining this season?

How about al fresco dining this season?

There’s a dullness in the air, humidity, soaring temperatures and plummeting spirits that leave us in an eternal wait for the approaching monsoons.

Life seems to come to a standstill as all eyes look up to the searing white sky, awaiting the first sign of monsoon.

No, the idea is not to send you in a melancholic mood.

In fact, Metrolife aims to inspire new hope for the coming days, with an elaborate choice of al fresco dining options in the Capital.

So, as soon as the tables turn around, and the first showers of monsoon hit the city, go out and enjoy an open-air dining experience.

In the scorching heat of summer, the idea of rain inspires poetry. Rajiv Aneja. food enthusiast and owner of Rara Avis, describes the restaurant’s al fresco setup in a dreamy and lyrical manner.

“With a mere mention of the word French, an avid traveller with a weakness for good food will be transported to a heartwarming watercolour depiction of a quaint streetside eatery, almost instantly.And such is the magic that our restaurant is all set to provide to the foodies with the onset of the monsoon, on a beautiful al fresco terrace overlooking the plush greenery and the city skylights.”

This is not an empty promise, as he spreads out an expansive list of dishes that will keep you engaged while enjoying the drizzle.

“Be prepared to endow your palate with a gastronomic joyride this monsoon while savouring warm mouthfuls of dishes like Fondue Bouruignone (Tenderloin fondue), Fondue Savoyarde (Cheese Fondue), Confit de Canard (Duck Confit), Cordon Bleu (Stuffed chicken breast with ham, mushrooms & cheese), Quenelle de Poisson Armoricane (Steamed Fish Quenelle) and a lot other options,” says Rajiv.  

Arjun Toor, operation manager, Raasta- The Caribbean Lounge, makes a compelling point for his eatery.

“Our al fresco arena is sheltered from fierce winds and sun and can accommodate large groups. It has the vibrancy of rastafarian culture, an open air bar which is all bamboo and wood, and the seating arena offers comfy leisure chairs and low lying tables, with a view that looks out into the mystic dark jungle.” 

The food options the place offers is “a mix of barbeques, Rustic Caribbean curries, salads, pasta ,pizza ,burger and our speciality dessert flan and hot chocolate soufflé.”

Situated in the heart of Hauz Khas, the urban village in Delhi, Amour The Patio Restaurant Cafe & Bar also has an al fresco setup offering Mediterranean cuisine.

Randeep Bajaj, promoter of the restaurant, says, “Though guests prefer to sit in the al fresco arena throughout the year, this becomes apparent in the monsoon, especially during sunset as the views from this vantage point are unmatched. The slight haze and the sun setting behind the monuments and the greens is spectacular.”

Need, more incentive to make a go for it!