Japan will attack Greece: Kawashima

Japan will attack Greece: Kawashima

Japan will attack Greece: Kawashima

Japan's goalkeeper Eiji Kawashima said that the 'Blue Samurais' will attack Greece in their Group C World Cup clash in the city of Natal, Thursday.

Japan lost 2-1 to Cote d'Ivoire despite taking the lead in their previous game, reports EFE."For us, the most important thing is neither the technique nor experience, not even scoring goals, but our fellowship," said Kawashima.

"We are Japanese citizens before we are players, we will try to do the best for the team together, and this is our most important quality," Kawashima added.

"For four years now we have focused on attack," he told FIFA.com. "We want to keep the ball and move it forward, using all of our qualities and technical ability to score goals. This is how we will play. We will attack." 

"It's not a shock that we lost," Japan striker Keisuke Honda was quoted by Japan Times as saying. 

"The thing that shocks me is that we lost because we couldn't play to our strengths. Possession is our strength and we need to keep hold of the ball and not give it away too easily. Putting pressure on our opponents straightaway after losing the ball is our philosophy. 

"In the last game, we lost the ball too easily and that meant we spent a lot of energy trying to get it back," the Milan attacker added.