Heralding the birth of a salesman!

Heralding the birth of a salesman!

Jaideep Sahney and Shimit Amin share some interesting facts on the making of Rocket Singh, Salesman of the Year

Heralding the birth of a salesman!

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After having successfully resurrected hockey, which nowadays gets tucked to the corners of newspapers, on the Bollywood screen with their Chak De, Jaideep and Shimit have come together again to script Rocket Singh..., which has aleady aroused the curiosity among movie buffs.

In Rocket Singh..., the duo have chosen to delve into the life a salesman. “There are loads of opportunities available in the sales field and the array of products available are astounding. A lot of kids, attracted by the quick money, opt for sales and that’s what we have sought to unravel in the movie,” Jaideep told Metrolife.
It’s the urban culture that every college-goer starts to work soon after they complete their education. Rocket Singh... captures in full the struggles, trials and tribulations a youngster, who opts to work as a salesman and what he goes through. “Salesmen are among the largest working group in urban India. While the theme is a serious one, we have plugged in a lot of humour, entertainment and commercial aspects to the film,” says Shimit and adds, “we interacted with a lot of young people, visited their work spots and understood the nuances of a salesman’s job before we ventured out. We also realised that it is untapped, unexplored aspect of Indian working culture,” says Shimit.

Shimit tested his skills in Hollywood where he directed movies like Pink and Gingerbread Man before he stepped into Bollywood with movies like Chak De and Ab Tak Chappan.

He may not have a lot of films to his credit but the few he has directed have a realistic touch to it.

From Information Technology to Bollywood, Jaideep is rated as one among the best scriptwriters.  

Shimit and Jaideep say that would always like to make realistic cinema on some real life themes.