Amazon enters smartphone war with 3D phone

Amazon enters smartphone war with 3D phone

Amazon enters smartphone war with 3D phone

In a first for an e-commerce firm, the world’s largest online retailer Amazon has joined the over $ 150 billion global smartphone war with the unveiling of “Fire Phone”, which will compete with the Apple iPhone and Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S devices. 

The US-based firm’s handset has a new feature called “Firefly”, which can identify books, games and CDs by pointing the camera at them. It can also capture songs or TV programmes and give the user options to purchase them. Besides, the phone will also have cloud storage, Amazon web services, for photos and also includes free downloading of over a million songs.

The handset, which has been in development for the last few years, has finally seen the light of day with the launch event in Seattle late on Wednesday night.

The device has a 4.7-inch screen, quadcore 2.2 GHz processor, 2GB RAM, 13-megapixel (MP) rear and 2.1MP front camera and photo storage in cloud.  

The 32GB version will be available for $ 199 with a two-year contract, while the 64GB model will be priced at $ 299 with a two-year contract.

The smartphone will be shipped from July 25, available exclusively in partnership with telecom partner AT&T. No plans of launch in other countries were disclosed.

Amazon connects the device to its expansive online store. If the user clicks a photo of a book title, the device will show where they can buy it. Similarly, if they are listening to a song in the background, it will direct them to that tune on Amazon.

The “Firefly” feature also lets users snap bar codes, phone numbers and more.

Though the screen is smaller than the popular five-inch devices and phablets (six-inch), Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos termed the screen size ideal for one-handed use.

“Fire Phone puts everything you love about Amazon in the palm of your hand – instant access to Amazon’s vast content ecosystem and exclusive features like the Mayday button, ASAP, Second Screen, X-Ray, free unlimited photo storage, and more,” Bezos, who founded Amazon in 1994, said. The Firefly button lets users identify printed web and email addresses, phone numbers, QR and bar codes, artwork, and over 100 million items, including songs, movies, TV shows, and products.

The phone is also equipped with a new sensor system - Dynamic Perspective - that recognises where a user’s head is relative to the device. The unique 3D feature offers a more immersing experience. Amazon started working on this feature about four years ago.  Amazon launched its first gadget the Kindle e-reader in 2007. Though many devices have followed since then, Kindle remains one of the most popular e-book readers. 

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