The battle to survive

The battle to survive

With ‘Bigg Boss - Season 2’, the reality show that is ready to hit television screens this week, the creative team has promised a variety of surprises with new tasks and different twists.

 Kannada actor Sudeep will make a comeback as he is the host for the second time. 

At a press conference on Monday, Thyagaraja, one of the creative heads said, “There will be 14 contestants this time. The design of the house is different and the show is set in Lonavala.” 

Refusing to reveal the names of the contestants, he added that elimination rounds will take place every Saturday and a special show will be screened on Sunday. An online voting facility has been added, in addition to the earlier SMS voting facility, and the winner will walk away with a cash prize worth Rs 50 lakh.

Happy to come back to ‘Big Boss’ again, Sudeep said, “The show promises new participants and therefore, new excitement. It takes 14 mentally strong people to walk in to the show. Every season, we see new characters walking in, so there will be a difference in behaviour, speech, atmosphere, bonding and opinions.” 

   “The show is not scripted, hence unpredictable. The contestants have left their families and friends behind and are under a lot of pressure once they come to the house. We respect their courage,” he added.

When asked whether he would sing this season also, he explained “I played the guitar last season as my intention was to comfort the contestants who would be missing home. We all become a family and develop new relationships. It pains me when the house becomes empty through the elimination rounds.”

 The show’s tagline this time is tamashe ne alla (it is not a joke). Speaking a bit about the controversy that came up last season, when a few of the contestants were seen smoking, Sudeep clarified that care has been taken to see that illegal things would not happen inside the house. 

When asked about his preparation for the show, “I booked my tickets early as I can save money,” he said and burst out laughing.

The show will kickstart on June 29 at 8 pm on Suvarna TV. “I have been in the film fraternity for a long time and will continue to act. Though the monetary benefits are less, the excitement levels here are higher and more than a show, I see this as an emotional act.”