A monsoon makeover

A monsoon makeover

With the season of monsoon upon us, Vathsala V P tells us how to get our homes ready for the rainy days ahead...

Hurrah! Monsoon’s almost here. Rainy clouds overhead are signalling us to get our home decor ready for the rainy months ahead. Just as our wardrobe changes with the season, so should our home decor. 

In fact, it is fun to change our homes for monsoon as it is the perfect season to try out bright colours. And brighter the decor, the better it works at driving away the monsoon blues.

To begin with, get courageous with colours and bid adieu to Mediterranean blue, sea green and soft pastels and welcome deep red, warm orange, sunny yellow, hot pink and stylish purple. 

Bright colours not only make the interiors bold and beautiful, but also pep us up by lightening our mood. Talking of colours, the reference here is not just for walls, but for the furnishings too. 

Furnishings that look hot and feel warm are a rage this season. Cushion and curtains in warm tones pack a stylish punch to the interiors of homes during monsoon.

Let’s talk of artefacts now. Nothing gives our homes a brighter and sunnier feel than artefacts. Now is the time to replace those light, delicate works of art that were your summer favourites with heavy ornate pieces. Thick brass pot holders and wall hangings, and ornate bells in copper are apt for the season. 

The shimmer of brass and the deep tones of copper add sparkle to the house in monsoon when sunshine is a rare occurrence. 

Plenty of bowls, vases, lamps and picture frames in punchy earthy tones change the monsoon gloom to glamour in an instant.

Comfy homes Also, monsoon is the perfect season to refurbish homes in a decor that exudes warmth. And carpets have a huge role to play in it. While heavy rugs look and feel great in monsoon, they are not advisable due to the rise in moisture level of the atmosphere. 

The ideal solution for floor covering during monsoon is bright coloured thin rugs or dhurries that are not only easy to clean during monsoon months when dampness rules, but also create a wonderful ambience. But, if you still long for your heavy rugs to keep your feet warm, then here’s an easy way out – keep them out in the sun in the balcony during the day as often as you can so that they can soak up some heat.

Monsoon is also the time when we long to see the sun. Any amount of sunlight is welcome in the house. So, try and draw the drapes as often as you can. Better still, go in for thin drapes. Another common problem associated with monsoon is dampness, and its musty smell. So, bring out all the aroma therapy candles, incense sticks and even camphor. 

In fact, placing a few pieces of camphor, neem leaves and cloves inside the cupboards can keep the moisture at bay, protecting our precious clothes and accessories.

Lighting considerations

Monsoon months are ideal for parties too, considering the heavy restrictions on outdoor activities owing to incessant rains. When it’s party time, can lighting be far behind? Definitely not. Create a warm party atmosphere at home either with tealights or soft yellow lights. Chandeliers with light diffusers also do the trick. 

To further liven up the interiors of the house, fresh flowers can be arranged in vases in every conceivable nook and cranny. Fresh flowers lend a feel of spring in the interiors, imparting joy that is almost unparalleled. 

Sometimes, the simplest things are the most stylish. Like the bed linen that steps up the cool and comfy ambience of a room. Fortunately for us, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to the variety of hues, designs and textures of bed linen on offer. Go in for big floral prints in bold colours. You can never go wrong with them. With these simple tricks, monsoon can be a fun time as far as home decor is concerned.