From the eyes of a young lensman

From the eyes of a young lensman

From the eyes of a young lensman

What can be better than this – an exhibition with a workshop! Featuring 52 photographs by young artist Sakshi Kumar, DLF Promenade hosted ‘Dream Often’, a photography exhibition and workshop, which ended on Sunday.

Inspired by the things that surround her, Sakshi’s photographs were an extension of her vision and perception of life. As a curious soul, hungry to explore, her exhibition spoke of the joy and meaning she gains from the roads she has travelled  people she has met and music that has touched her soul. Sakshi is a self-taught photographer whose work has even been featured in leading publications like Vogue Italia and Harper’s Bazaar Bride, India.

All of 22 years, Sakshi is a medical student whose passion for photography turned into a profession when 20 of her concept photographs got selected in Vogue Italia online profile. She has also been featured as the photographer of the month for Digit. Her recent collaboration with a wedding production team was picked by Harper’s Bazaar Bride, India.

Currently Sakshi is happy attending college during the weekdays and organising photography exhibitions and shoots during the weekend.

Speaking to Metrolife, the young photographer, said, “My pictures were based on different themes – contemporary portraits, nature shots, street photography, etc. These pictures are my way at looking at things. Also they are relatable. People who came to visit my exhibition, understood my thought and perception behind my pictures.”

“Photography gives me a lot of happiness. Also, by doing something creative one can vent out their emotional side as well,” says the young photography entusiast.

The two-day workshop was aimed to create a general awareness about the world of photography. The first day had only theory and the second had a practical session, where students went out in the field to click photographs.