Rustic spiritualism

Rustic spiritualism

Thattekere is a small village, situated near Solur, which is on the Bangalore-Kunigal highway. Narasimha Temple, popularly known as Thattekere Ranganathaswamy is located here.

Unlike other Narasimha temples, where either the idol is in a sitting posture with Goddess Lakshmi or in a yogic posture (Yoga Narasimha), here the idol is standing alone. However, there is one small shrine for Lakshmi and in the opposite side there is another small shrine for the Vaishnavite saint Ramanuja.

The features of the both Hoysala and Cholas architecture are noticeable in the structure. The
pillars resembe Hoysala style and the front portion is built in Chola style. Garuda is sculpted on both the sides.

According to history, Sage Durvasa did penance here and so the place is also called Durvasa kshetra or Narasimha kshetra. Just opposite the Temple, there is a kalyani or the stepped temple pond. The water is crystal clear, most of the time, except during the monsoons.
The small temples of navagraha and Ganesha can be seen on the right and left side of the Temple.

The sub shrines dedicated to the Lord Anjaneya and Garuda are situated near the entrance. The Garuda khamba (pillar) is near the vast courtyard. There is a small hall for the devotees to perform various sevas.

The Temple area is big and located just outside the village. The Temple is surrounded by trees and fields. The Shivagange Hill is also visible from here.