Photo by  Daksha Hathi

Hibiscus models wearing rainbow dresses and skirts, with a pretty bug or butterfly thrown in for extra pockets, will treat you to a colour box of blue and rainy-grey, turmeric yellow and ruby red, sun-burst orange and purple velvet for free.  

Did you know that the hibiscus can cure you of dandruff? Make a paste of these flowers with methi, and lime juice. Apply on your dandruffy hair all night and wash off in the morning.

Check out Heritage Amruth (December 2007) for more health recipies for teenagers, using the hibiscus and other plants . Email: amruth@frlht.org. website: www.frlht.org.
To add to the magic you will find lovely butterflies and mysterious insects hiding in this hibiscus pocket of rainbow laces to put any tailor in a frenzy of collection! After half an hour or more a photographer would have a collector’s treasure chest of harmony and colour. The prices of these beauties may cause a mild heart attack – from Rs. 90 it can soar upto Rs. 600. But then who can bargain over harmony in rainbow suiting? Or the embroidery of enchantment?

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