Be a beauty on a holiday

Be a beauty on a holiday

Skin and hair need extra pampering while on a holiday, especially near water bodies or snow. Shahnaz Husain offers handy tips to help you look your best, while on the move. 

A holiday might be your way of de-stressing, but it is no excuse to forget following a healthy beauty regimen for your skin and hair. 

It begins from the time you pack for your trip. So think of your travel essentials first:n The effects of sun exposure are greater by the waterside, or near snow, because water and snow are reflective surfaces. Apply broad spectrum sunscreen when out in the sun; not only on the face, but on all exposed areas. 

n Use SPF 30 and above for sensitive skin. 

n Apply the sunscreen 20 minutes before going out. If you are out in the sun for more than an hour, re-apply the sunscreen. 

For skin

n Cleanse the face twice a day and rinse with water as often as possible, especially if you are out sightseeing. 

n You would also need a moisturiser, rehydrating cleanser, hand cream, lip balm. For oily skin, during summers, a scrub would help to brighten the skin and allow deep pore cleansing. 

n For your makeup, carry an eye pencil, mascara and lipsticks that are suitable for both, day and night wear. Include lip gloss, compact powder and blush.

n When it comes to makeup for the beach, less is better. Apply a tinted moisturiser and sunscreen. Use an eye pencil. For lips, choose pinks and mauve. Actually, it’s best to go natural for a beach holiday. So, try sticking to lip balm and sunscreen. 

n Remember to take a few tissues. If you have oily skin, or the weather is hot and humid, pre-moistened tissues will come to your rescue. Carry deodorant and talcum powder too.

n Many people complain of puffiness of the eyes after a flight. This may be due to lack of fluids. If you find your eyes feeling heavy, splash some cold water on them. When you arrive at your destination, take two tea bags, steep them in water and use them on your eyes, like eye pads. Lie down and relax for 15 minutes. It will work wonders for you.  

n A “pick-me-up” face mask can leave your skin clean and glowing. It is a simple way of removing fatigue and refreshing the skin. You may not have time to mix ingredients, so take along a peel-off mask to add a touch of brightness to the skin. Ready-to-use peel-off masks are easily available at medical shops and general stores.

n The hands can also suffer from dryness. Apply moisturising cream on them, two or three times, as required, and massage it into the skin. 

For hair

n Colouring and styling should be done before the vacation. If hair dryer and heating rods are used, it would be necessary to use oil and conditioners to reduce hair damage. Also carry hair cream with sunscreen.

n In dry and cold weather, the hair may lack moisture. Use a mild herbal shampoo and conditioner to soften the hair and make it smooth.

n One can also use a hair serum or leave-on type of conditioner. Take very little and apply it the same way as you would a conditioner, from scalp to tip.

n Carry a scarf along to protect your hair from exposure to the sun, wind and dust. You will need it if you are out motoring, boating or even walking. 

n Even during your holiday, you can use natural ingredients for your hair to improve its look. Ingredients like tea and beer may be easily available and can be used to rinse the hair and add shine to it. 

n Beer works well for dry hair. Add the juice of a lemon to the beer and rinse the hair with it. Leave on for a few minutes and wash off with plain water. 

n For oily hair, add a tea bag to 4-5 cups of warm water. Remove tea bag and cool the water. Then add the juice of a lemon and use it as a last rinse. This helps to make the hair silky and shiny. 
(The writer is a beauty expert)

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