What's your 'buy'line?

What's your 'buy'line?

What's your 'buy'line?

Ask a man how to spend Rs 10,000 and chances are his answer will be — give it to a woman. Of course, he could be referring to his wife/ girlfriend/ teenage daughter/ secretary. No offence meant since women do have a tendency to spend money and more often than not, spend it well.

For all the belt tightening that you may have done over the past year for reasons obvious, it is now time to give yourself a break and indulge. The money could be a part of your savings over the year, an early anniversary gift from the better half or a bonus for a job well done, and if you did have Rs 10,000 here are some ideas on what you could do with it.

Get bitten by the travel bug: Keep the exotic vacation on the back burner for now. Take a quick break but don’t make this a ‘meet-all-the-relatives-in-2-days’ one. Head to a spot, preferably somewhere you can drive to. Madikeri, for instance, is a three-hour drive from Bangalore on a fantastic highway. This is sure to lift your spirits.
Footloose and loving it: Settle on a long weekend and get the girl gang together at a resort. Eat, drink, splash in the pool and make merry. The fun you will have will truly be money well spent.  If you are game for a bit of travel, then here is one trip that you could take with your friends. With 15 days’ notice, you can get hold of a good guest house in Nandi Hills. The food and stay is nominal and up to 12 friends can easily be taken care of terms of food and accommodation. The sights — early morning and late night — are great. Of course you will have to carry your own moonshine.

Prudent investor:  If you would rather put your money away for a rainy day and watch it grow, you could think of investing it in one of the several unit linked insurance policies. This generally ensures 15-20 per cent returns for a minimum lock-in period of three years, up to a time frame you decide on. An added advantage is that it also covers life, helps in tax savings and can be topped up any time you feel like. You could also think of investing in a money back insurance policy. Every few years you will receive an interest amount, which increases substantially each time. Of course you will have to keep paying the premium every year. At the end of the policy tenure, you will receive a bonus depending on how the markets are performing. You could stash away the money in your Provident Fund or fixed deposit. Gold is also a great investment instrument which can yield good returns.
Gourmet week: If you are the type who enjoys experimenting with food, then with Rs 10,000 you can declare a kitchen strike for a week. Splurge on a buffet breakfast of hearty sausages, greasy bacon, eggs to order and buttery croissants. Try a sushi platter, which comes for Rs 2,500 a person, or book yourself a table at a Korean restaurant. Better still, barbecue your meat and vegetables and enjoy a leisurely lunch. For dinner, take your pick from Arab, Mediterranean, Afghani, French or Italian fare at any of the specialty restaurants in town.

Décor time: Revamping your single-bedroom apartment doesn’t mean having to blow a cannon ball through your savings. Add a dash of greenery by buying a few bonsai plants. You get a variety of them today at rates starting from Rs 250 a plant. A bonsai can add cheer to your kitchen counter or your worktop table. Set up an aquarium. Watching fish is said to be therapeutic. Visit a good dealer and put together an aquarium, accessories and ornamental fish. Splurge on a chandelier for your bedroom. And revel in the dazzle it imparts to your den.

Health and beauty: Worried that your health is taking a backseat? Then, what better way to spend Rs 10,000 than on a personal makeover? Book yourself for a ‘head-to-toe’ pampering session at a spa. Get a professional to analyse your skin and body type and write up a beauty regimen for you. Invest in quality beauty products. Enroll at a nearby gym for a fixed package.
Gadget geek: If you are the type who has to fight for the remote at home every day, how about upgrading your computer monitor to a flat screen with a TV tuner card? There are several models available in the market for the budget you set out with.

Fashionista: Browse branded stores, check out what you like and walk out loaded with goodies. Alternatively, hit bargain stores to mix and match outfits and accessories. Whatever you choose to do with your stash of cash, have fun splurging because you deserve it!