A sound journey to writing

A sound journey to writing


A sound journey to writing

Creative: Resul Pookutty “Then I thought I would write about my life and tell people who I am, about my youth, my life in cinema,”  Resul told Metrolife.

So after much thought, Resul began writing a book titled, Sound of Milkyway.  It is primarily divided into three parts — his boyhood, his growing up years and what drew him to the power of the celluloid.

“It’s a reflection of time, of my life , it’s a literary document of what made me what I am today,” Resul says and adds, “the recollections are sometimes funny, sometimes nostalgic and truly reflective.”

Resul hasn’t stuck to a particular format.

He consciously chose to keep the writing style in conversational mode. “With the advent of digital communication, we seem to have forgotten to talk with each other. I want my book to be accessible to people, I insist that it have a personal flavour to it. It must be like I am conversing with my reader," he says.

There are powerful recollections and very vivid memories Resul holds of his childhood. “My father was part and parcel of a strong Communist movement in Travancore. There had been heart-wrenching moments within the family- all of that has been penned down,” he says.

Resul also wanted to include a section where he analyses his thoughts and theories on what constitutes sound.

“Film is a collective art and here’s a team that works to further and realise a director’s dream. Every technician works to contributes to what I’d like to call competitive entertainment,” he observes.

Resul’s book should be ready for release early next year.