Fashion-forward days

Fashion-forward days

Fashion-forward days

Gulam Zaveri

This second-year BCA student of Surana College wore a shirt which he brought from the Indian Terrain, pants that he picked from Van Heusen and a pair of shoes that he brought from Lifestyle. 

"I would rather be a trendsetter than follow someone else. I wish to create a fashion statement of my own which is unique and would like people to copy me. I desire to be the person  everyone looks up to."

Aiyappa KGA

 student of law at Christ University, Aiyappa was seen wearing a shirt from Zodiac and trousers that he picked up from Excalibur. He paired these up with shoes that was purchased from Clark’s.

"Fashion is not about wearing flashy clothes, it is about staying simple and sensible. And that is what defines my outlook. As a professional student, I wish to have a formal look. I prefer to buy clothes from brands that have discounts every now and then."

Meera CG

This second-year degree student of Mount Carmel College wore a shirt which she bought from Max, jeans from Pepe Jeans and shoes from Sparks. 

"There is nothing like shopping on Brigade Road and Commercial Street. These are the ideal places for getting just about every brand and accessory in the City. Fashion for me is wearing something that you really want to wear and not what others want to see you in. Be unique all the time."