What you gathered and lost

What you gathered and lost

What you gathered and lost

Kannada (U/A) ¬¬¬
Director: Suni
Cast: Srinagara Kitti, Meghana Raj and others

What does a man take with him on his final journey? Skills, strength, skin, flesh or bones?

Only his good and bad deeds accompany him while the rest fall away.

After the highly verbose Simplaag Ond Love Story, Suni tries to bring this universal truth, so often used and just as conveniently chosen to be ignored, before the audience.

He takes almost two and a half hours and dampens the enthusiasm somewhat. Suni too faces the dilemma where in trying to elaborate, you bore the audience and when you try to be matter-of-fact you lose out on essential detailing. B J Bharath’s score is fresh and melodious.

Manohar Joshi and team, the art department, director Suni and his team of dialogue writers have done a neat job, which is not a patch on Simplaag...

Yet, Bahuparaak stands out. One is Srinagara Kitti, who is known to “experiment” in his choice of roles. Taking on triple “roles”, Kitti comes up trumps in two, being quite familiar with their characterisation as it is.

It is with the third one, of a middle-aged ambitious man whose world collapses so spectacularly, that he falls a bit short.

 He is unable to lend gravity during actual sequences but is almost flawless during their narration earlier.

Meghana Raj, Manasa Joshi and Sukruta Wagle sail through. Meghana nails it well, the subtle differences in the twins standing out. Bhavana Rao is an eyeful, but little else, like the “item song”.

The others add value to the film as well.

It is curious to see that when things begin falling in place during the climax, the audience begins walking away. Home truths are never formed to give comfort. Do they?

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