Reliving the glorious days

Reliving the glorious days

Reliving the glorious days

Reunite, Relive, Rejoice’, the annual alumni meet of Jyoti Nivas College, Autonomous (JNC), saw the arrival of former graduates from near and far.

Held recently in the college auditorium, the meet celebrated 25 years or the silver jubilee of the batch of 1989. The principal of JNC Dr Sr CS Elizabeth, who was also a student of JNC, celebrated her silver jubilee with everyone.

“I’ve seen the college transform through the years. It’s a great feeling to see everyone back here,” she said. While addressing the get-together, she also added that she felt “alumni gatherings are nostalgia personified”.

Everybody showed up to relive those glorious days. Jessy Almida and Shakuntala S were among the first graduating batch of JNC in the year 1970.

“The college means so much to us. We’ve seen it progress over the years. It’s just wonderful to be back and meet old friends again,” said Jessy Almida. The programme also involved some fun and games, with people from all the batches participating. Sowmya P V, who graduated this year, said it didn’t seem like she had ever left the college.

 “I have so many fond memories of it. It’s so nice to see all the teachers again,” said Sowmya.
A proper alumni report was given by the principal and JNC was felicitated as the ‘College of Excellence’. A poetry recitation was also done by Heera Nawaz, which was appreciated by everyone.
In the end, an interactive session was conducted where people suggested ideas to stay connected with their batchmates.

Many ideas of staying connected through social media came up, which everybody agreed upon. Fond memories were shared and old relations were re-discovered.

The graduates evoked all of their favourite memories and shared them with one and all. The meeting concluded with everyone feeling glad to be back and sharing their love for the institute.