Keeping pace with fashion

Keeping pace with fashion

The People brand designs casual wear and stocks an ethnic section for the fashion-conscious young men and women whose lifestyle is fast and racy

Keeping pace with fashion

You could call it hip and happening. The ‘People’ brand is not really new  to the City. It set shop here a few years ago but now this brand seems to be expanding and they stock some of the funkiest clothes.

The in-house designers make sure they do a lot of research about the present generation, their tastes, their choice of clothes and where they hang out – all this reflects in the design of the clothes that are original and  unique.

People’s latest, ‘Autumn Winter'14’ collection is inspired by the latest international fashion trends. “For women, we have attractive collection in animal prints, florals with a varsity touch, prints and motifs , which have inspired our collections of ‘boho folk’ and ‘future folk.’

For men, there are biker jackets, irreverent graphics and slim silhouettes. Apart from these, we also have an exciting denim range for both men and women,” explains Rashmi Shukla, Marketing and Merchandising Head, People, Madura F&L.

Everybody wants to look good and the design team works towards making people look good.

“Our young consumers feel the need to look good all the time and are always updated about the latest trends, our role is to keep delivering these trends, right on time, to them. We're extremely trend conscious and right on trend, season after season,” Rashmi.
The brand caters to people of all age groups but their core consumers remain the college-goers. “We also cater to other audiences who are on the look out for the right fashion trends of the season. As our young consumers have a higher frequency of shopping compared to their older counterparts, we believe in delivering fresh trends every time they visit,” she adds.

Rashmi further stresses that the brand has an in-house design team which designs the entire range after a thorough study of the latest international trends. “The design team also consists of talented young designers who bring in their fresh and experimental perspectives on the season's collection,” she states.

The brand keeps a watch on how the youth interpret fashion and their changing tastes for clothes.

Rashmi says, “The young like to be seen in the right, trendy clothes all the time and not only for special occasions. They catch up on the season's trends very quickly.”

About accessories, the design team insists that every garment at ‘People’ needs to be accessorised, “The brand offers an interesting range of bags, scarves and stoles. We've believe that incorporating the season's trends in accessories is as important as including them in apparel. Hence, our accessories range is also inspired by the latest trends but carries a certain amount of quirky and funky elements to appeal to the young consumers,” concludes Rashmi.