A Grandmaster in the making

A Grandmaster in the making

Basking in the success at Commonwealth Chess Championship held at Glasgow recently, bronze medallist Anjana Krishna has refused to settle down as she is all set to focus on the
upcoming World Junior Chess Championship.

A two-time National School Chess Champion, this youngster from Kerala started playing chess at the age of six.

She has to her credit 15 state championships as well. “It was my mother who taught and
introduced me to the world of chess. When I was a child, my mother used to teach me about the rules and right moves,” said Krishna while speaking to Metrolife.

An English Literature student at Mar Ivanois College in Trivandrum, Krishna has successfully been able to balance time between her studies and game till now. “Though I don’t have a fixed schedule, I practise for two to three hours a day and eight hours on Sundays,” she said. “I opted to do graduation as I have a desire to write Civil Services exam, at least once,” she added.

“The match against Jim Burnett from Wales was a memorable one. He was a strong player but with precision and right moves, I could defend it well and drew the game,” says the chess player, recalling her favourite moment in Glasgow. Commenting on the popularity of chess in India, she said that the World Chess Championship held last year in Chennai, has increased the viewership and interest for the sport in India. According to her, chess is still far behind when compared to popular sports like cricket and badminton. “The schools in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh have made chess as a subject, which is compulsory at some places,” she said.

She said that participating at major events have become very difficult due to lack
of sponsorship. “Whatever we manage is with my parents’ income. I hope things will change in
future,” she says. “I have recei-ved equal support from my peer groups and teachers as well, and as of now I am happy,” she added.

Aspiring to become a Grandmaster one day, Krishna is a big admirer of Hungarian grandmaster Judith Polgar. And she also believes that Vishwanathan Anand has better chances of winning against World Champion Magnus Carlson at this year’s World Chess Championship.