B'lore, a second home for Pakistani cardiac patients

B'lore, a second home for Pakistani cardiac patients

B'lore, a second home for Pakistani cardiac patients

In what appears to be a ‘hearty’ connection between India and Pakistan, the number of Pakistani patients who come to the City to undergo cardiac surgeries, has gone up considerably since two years, according to doctors.

Cardiologists say that apart from the cost factor, it is also a sense of warmth and hospitality that draws them to Bangalore.

Specialists from Jayadeva Institute of Cardio Vascular Sciences (JICVS) alone have operated on over 10 Pakistani patients – four children and six adults, last year.JICVS Director Dr C N Manjunath said that increased awareness about the facilities available in the City was what was drawing patients in good numbers.

“Earlier, people would go to Delhi for a few cardiac procedures. Also, doctors from India would travel to Pakistan and perform surgeries there,” he said adding, “it was Cath Lab-related facilities that were sought after back then.”

Stating that paediatric cardiology was in demand now, Manjunath said, “There are also other private hospitals in the City where world-class treatment is offered.”

It is the cost factor that is drawing people here, he said and added that “The same surgeries, when performed in Karachi would have cost them no less than Rs eight lakh. Here, the rates are minimal.” 

“It feels like a second home with no discrimination of any sort,” said Pakistani patients who have undergone heart surgeries here. Shoukath Ali, who underwent a successful heart surgery in May this year said that he would not think twice before advising his friends back home to come to India. “I was not just happy. I was very happy indeed with the kind of treatment I underwent here,” he told Deccan Herald.

Another patient, Yakub Mirza, 63, chose Bangalore-based Sakra World Hospital to undergo Keyhole Bypass surgery after he suffered from blocks in the already implanted stent and did not wish to undergo the painful bypass.

Dr Adil Sadiq, Head of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Sakra hospital who performed the surgery said that they had observed a growing trend where Pakistani patients gave Bangalore, a first preference.

 “They come here mostly for high-end surgeries as very few hospitals back there offer these facilities. Also, enough attention is given here for post-operative care,” he said. 

Dr Sadiq who has operated over 15 Pakistani patients in the recent past said “We have patients telling us that the hospitality draws them to the City. They face no discrimination even racially. This is one of the primary reasons they are attracted to the place.”