Studies say

Studies say

You may have hated them, adored them, or tried in vain to ignore them. But siblings are for life. Whether you realise it or not, you are shaped by them in innumerable ways!  Researchers, over the years, have discovered interesting  facts that bind siblings.

According to some studies, young siblings fight up to eight times in an hour. While the experience may be a living hell for parents, the good news is that children do imbibe some valuable conflict negotiation lessons from all that fighting. So, the next time you manage to drive across your point to the boss, through some rather heated discussions, you know whom to thank.

If you have an older sibling of the opposite sex, chances of success in romantic endeavours is quite high, say researchers. Girls with older brothers find it easier to strike a conversation with guys, while boys with older sisters are more at ease in the company of girls.

However, if as a young adult you believed that your sibling was more favoured by your parents, experts say that chances are high that the jealousy and low self-esteem may get carried over to your adult romantic relationships as well.

When one sibling is a smoker, says a study, the other is 25 percent more likely to smoke; one is 36 percent more likely to drink if a sibling does. However, according to another study, the closer the siblings are in age, the higher is the likelihood of the younger one making a conscious effort to not follow in the other’s footsteps.

Experts believe that one’s tendency to compare oneself to his/her siblings continues into adulthood. Long after you have ceased living under the same roof, the sibling rivalry persists. Knowingly or unknowingly, they continue to set benchmarks for your successes and failures.