Indian students told not to return to eastern Ukraine

Indian students told not to return to eastern Ukraine

Indian students evacuated from medical colleges in conflict-ridden eastern Ukraine have been advised not to return to the separatist-held areas and instead shift to other institutes in safer places of the East European country.

The Ukrainian government has advised foreign students, who were studying in the institutions in eastern regions of the country but were evacuated after the conflict escalated earlier this year, not to go back to their colleges in the areas now controlled by the separatist militias.

“It is highly recommended to refrain from any trips to Donetsk or Lugansk regions until the situation stabilises,” the Ministry of Education and Science of the Ukrainian government stated in an advisory. It said that the students should not go back even to collect their personal belongings or certificates.

Both Lugansk and Donetsk in eastern Ukraine are now under control of the separatist militias, who, according to the Ukrainian government, are supported by Russia. The medical colleges in the two regions every year drew a large number of students from several countries, including India.

 Over 1,000 students from India are enrolled in undergraduate and post-graduate courses in eastern Ukraine. The Embassy of India in Kiev evacuated and sent home most of the Indian students from the region after the conflict escalated in late May and early June. “I am still confused, just wondering what is the best to do to save my career,” said Manikanth,  a student.