B'loreans clued up on stroke symptoms: Study

B'loreans clued up on stroke symptoms: Study

A recently conducted study showed that the people of the City are highly aware of stroke, its symptoms and necessary emergency action.

The study was conducted by IPSOS, a market research agency in association with Indian Stroke Association.

The report released recently, revealed that Bangaloreans were quite knowledgeable about ‘stroke’. People were questioned about the symptoms of stroke, perceived causes, the prevailing knowledge about treatment options and people’s experiences with stroke sufferers. People between the ages of 25 and 50 were the target study group.

The statistics from the report prove the awareness of Bangaloreans regarding stroke. About 86 per cent said that they would immediately rush the patient to the hospital, 68 per cent knew that a stroke can occur without pain and often goes undiagnosed, they even associated stroke with the brain.

“Many were caught unaware that stroke needed a multidisciplinary approach, appropriate patient management within 60 minutes could make a difference” said Dr Vikram Huded, head of Interventional Neurology and Stroke, Narayana Hrudayalaya Institute of Neuroscience.

Dr Lokesh Bathala, senior consultant neurologist, BGS Global Hospital said, “Timely identification of the patient by FAST- Face, Arm, Speech and Time is very important. The time window for the treatment is only about 4.5 hours making the treatment extremely time sensitive.”