Best food forward!

Best food forward!

Best food forward!

The brief respite from the monsoon rains proved to be a blessing for the pre-university commerce students of Mount Carmel College as they gathered in hundreds for their popular annual event in the college campus recently.

Besides savouring delicacies, many enthusiastic girls got first-hand experience in marketing their products in little food stalls set up in the college ground at the day-long food fest. 

They expertly wove their way through the crowds and located the stalls they were keen to go to. The stall members were at their best as they tried to coax people to buy their ware. Principal of the college, Sister Sonia, said that this was an excellent opportunity for the students to learn about commerce and trading, yet have fun.

“This allow them to learn the a business works and have fun at the same time,” she said. Commerce teacher Dorcas said, “This breaks the monotony of college work and helps them get practical experience with money and business.” 

Unique food items were concocted by the students in order to attract customers. Pavitra was selling masala soft drink or something she termed as ‘burp’. “I call it that because it makes you want to burp after you drink it. My mum goes to lots of kitty parties and she came up with this,” said the youngster. 

The small college ground was packed with over a thousand students who were eager to get their hands on the yummy food. Biryani, macarons, a variety of cakes, jamoons, chaats and bakes were available. Some stalls were sold out within an hour of opening. “I learnt the importance of buying and selling and why companies need to increase prices soon after opening their store,” said Geetanjali. 

A stall had made floral headbands which were in such high demand that the stall members had to take orders. They said they were inspired by Paris Hilton’s style statement at a red carpet appearance and decided to bring the design to Bangalore a little before hand.  

Student body president Simran was running around selling chiffon chocolate cake. She said this was all to raise money for their upcoming fest, Capiteaux. “It wasn’t this big last year,” admits Namrita, who ran around selling cupcakes. 

In a special awareness session, the students had an anti-rape organisation train them in self-defence techniques. Girls were selected and trained to defend themselves against attackers. The girls ended the festivities by dancing to popular Bollywood tunes and spending the day in merriment.