In a web of dreams

In a web of dreams

In a web of dreams

Expressive: A scene from the play Girija Kalyana.

The story is woven around this character called Girija who loves films, especially Raj Kumar movies. She knows most of the dialogues of his movies by heart.

 She insists on getting married only to her hero and nobody else. Somehow her parents convince her to marry a guy called Nani, a farmer, who also takes an equally long time to get married to her. The couple don’t take the responsibility of a marriage seriously and life becomes hell for them. The situation worsens and there comes a time when the couple has to take loan to even have food. Anything that he sows doesn’t reap.

 Girija keeps showing him dreams and he just keeps living in them until they're neck-deep in loan. When he is not able to repay the loan and the lenders hound him, he commits suicide and the rest of the story is how the innocent Girija has to compromise on her values to get compensation from the government for her husband’s death.

Money lenders are portrayed as vultures, in the play which was very apt. The acting was commendable considering that it was the debut of the actress who portrayed the role of Girija and a few others as well.

Speaking about the play B Jayashree said, “Such plays should be enacted to people not only in villages but also in the city. Loan related issues are there everywhere and they can be tackled only with awareness.”

  The play also emphasises that you can’t lead your life based on dreams. Being practical and realistic is important. “The performances by each and every actor was amazing, and of course there are no words to describe Jayashree’s flawless performance. I usually try not to miss any of her plays,” exclaimed Anitha, a play enthusiast.