Patterns beneath your feet

Patterns beneath your feet


Patterns beneath your feet

Rare: Carpets on display.The Central Cottage Industries Corporation of India Limited has organised an exhibition and sale of carpets and dhurries.

The collection includes tribal, woollen, silk, cotton and many more. Each of them speaks of the culture, tradition, creativity and craft of the region of their origin.

The expo has a rare collection of tribal carpets which showcases beauty in all its simplicity. The earthy colours make the tribal carpets distinctive and elegant in their own right.

The tribal carpets lack floral motifs but they have succeeded in grabbing the attention. The colours used for these vibrant and breathtakingly beautiful carpets are black, beige, rust, cherry red etc.

“In tribal pattern, we have kashan, kumb and geometrical designs with the blend of dark and light colours," says Inayath Shah, deputy manager of the Central Cottage Industries Emporium.

The patterns in the carpets are simple and uncluttered. Most of the carpets bear simple geometrical motifs resembling or inspired by inanimate objects like a thorny bush or a small jungle berry or a bird. Some patterns also had brick like rectangular depictions.
The most attractive thing in the exhibition is an ornamental semi-jewellery carpet which is made up of precious stones and silk threads. This decorative piece caught the attention of many onlookers. The intricate work is the outcome of the creativity of the painstaking artisans of Amritsar.

The expo has also displayed information about the carpets, including the history, process, uniqueness of each carpet, tradition and their importance in various cultures. It has also created awareness about the care and the precautions to be taken to prolong the life of carpets.

Inayath Shah says, "There are nearly 300 carpets from Kashmir and Punjab states and their range varies from Rs 2,000 to two lakhs. These can also be used as wall hangings which would definitely increase the value of the house. Through this exhibition, we are supporting the artisans to attain national acclaim."

   The exhibition will be on till December 31.